Newland SmartPOS Device

The sixth largest manufacturer of POS terminals worldwide has introduced a handheld SmartPOS device intended for retail and hospitality merchants. The Newland N950 uses a 6-inch TFT touchscreen for data entry and runs on Android 10. Its readers accept contact and contactless chip as well as magstripe cards.

Facial Biometric Payment Service

Brazil-based Payface piloted its biometric payment engine in 2019 with restaurant Biezza in a closed-loop system and launched it for open network payments last year with that country’s top merchant acquirer Cielo. Mastercard has selected Payface as a vendor in its global Biometric Checkout Program.

Sunmi Android PIN Pad

Shanghai-based Sunmi Technology, a manufacturer of POS terminals, has launched an Android-based device called the P2 Smartpad, which differs from a typical PIN pad. It is built more like a tablet or handheld mobile POS terminal. 

Pax M8 Android POS Tablet

The fifth largest manufacturer of POS terminals worldwide has released a POS tablet called the M8 that operates on Android 11 and can run payment acceptance applications simultaneously with apps for inventory management, food and beverage ordering and loyalty/rewards programs. 

Sensepass in the Nilson Report

DEJAVOO PAYMENT SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS, a provider of platform-agnostic, cloud-based POS terminal products, has partnered with SensePass, a digital payment network, to provide access to multiple forms of payment and e-wallets.

Worldline to Sell POS Terminal Business

The Terminals, Solutions & Services (TSS) business line of merchant acquirer Worldline will be sold to private equity funds manager Apollo, an alternative asset manager, for $1.92 billion (€1.70 billion) in cash up front if, as expected, the transaction closes in the second half of this year. The value of the deal could increase by […]

In Memoriam

The Nilson Report was founded by H. Spencer Nilson in Los Angeles in 1970. Spencer passed away this month here in Santa Barbara. He was 101. Our company is a family business. Its executives include second- and third-generation members. In memoriam, we wish to share with you some of our patriarch’s life story. Spencer entered […]

Ciontek Mobile POS Terminal

Ciontek has introduced a handheld POS device intended for use by merchants in the retail, banking and transportation sectors. The company’s CS50 model uses a 6-inch TFT touchscreen for data entry and runs on Android 11. Its 5-megapixel rear-facing camera can accept payments via QR code. A 13-megapixel rear-facing camera upgrade is available and a […]