Payments Boot Camp®

Dates: February 22-24

Location: Virtual

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Glenbrook’s popular Payments Boot Camp® is a comprehensive overview of the payments industry, from the fundamentals to what’s new and on the horizon. It’s a fast-paced, focused, and fun way to get smart about payments.

This workshop will be hosted virtually over three half-days, instead of the standard two-day format. Zoom Meetings will help us replicate the in-person experience (face-to-face facilitation, lots of interactive Q&A, polling, exercises) and extend it through group chat and breakout rooms. Breakout rooms, in particular, will help participants take detailed questions offline or talk one-on-one with Glenbrook workshop leaders.

Glenbrook’s three-day Virtual Payments Boot Camp® is just as interactive and educational as the on-site workshop, featuring breakout sessions, presentations, live Q&A’s, group exercises and real-time feedback. In creating the perfect virtual environment, the Payments Boot Camp® has been restructured into half-day sessions spread across three days. Access to group chats and breakout rooms will help you take detailed questions offline or speak one-on-one with Glenbrook workshop leaders.

Glenbrook’s Payments Education Program is useful both for experienced managers, who often want to be updated on what’s happening in areas outside of their immediate domain, and for newcomers, who need a broad overview of the U.S. payments systems to create a context for their work.

Over 23,000 payments professionals have attended Glenbrook workshops. Attendees have included product, strategy, and sales managers, technology, operations, and risk managers, investors, inventors, and analysts, management teams from payments startups.



Glenbrook’s agenda is structured to ensure that you understand how the industry works as a whole. We emphasize the economics – so that you understand how money is made in the industry, and by whom.


Payments Systems Overview

• Industry definitions, payments domains

• Key concepts – open/closed, push/pull, chain of liability

• How payments systems differ

• Risk in payments

• Payments systems economics

Perspectives on Users and Providers

• End-User perspectives – Consumers, Merchants

• Provider perspectives – Banks, Networks, Processors, PSPs

• Other constituents – Regulators

• Core Systems

• Cards – Core concepts, value chains, transaction flow, technology, economics

• Checks – Value chain, checking imaging, remote deposit capture, volume trend

• ACH – Value chain, transaction flow, direct debit risk model, volume, and trends

• Wires – Value chain, economics, major players, and trends

• Faster Payments – Processing model and components, Zelle vs RTP vs FedNow

• Cash – Usage trends, ATM networks, and digital currencies

Global Payments

• Local country payments systems – models, common elements, variables

• Cross-border payments – international wires; cross-border card processing

Fintech Innovation

• Market drivers, building blocks and key trends

• Opening banking APIs, how payment data is used, artificial intelligence

Payments Domains

• Domain overview, monetization strategies, key trends for each domain

• POS – NFC payments, mobile POS, Square Case Study

• Online Commerce – Digital wallets, Secure Remote Commerce (SRC)

• Bill Pay – Variation in biller, bank, and consumer-centric models

• P2P – Open vs Closed Processing Models, Venmo vs Cash App

• B2B – B2B fundamentals, buyer-seller payment dynamics

• Income – Disbursements, payouts, and card push payments

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