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Issue 1176 | May 2020


Companies featured in this issue include:

Top U.S. Issuers of Commercial Cards

U.S. Mastercard & Visa Commercial Card Issuers Ranked by Purchase Volume in 2019

U.S. Business Credit Cards 2019

U.S. Business Debit Cards 2019

U.S. Corporate Cards 2019

U.S. Commercial Prepaid Cards 2019

U.S. Purchasing & Fleet Cards 2019

U.S. Merchant Processing Fees—Purchase Volume and Fees Paid in 2019

U.S. Merchant Processing Fees—Purchase Volume and Fees Paid in 2019

Merchants in the United States paid $92.68 billion to accept general purpose and private label credit cards in 2019. Most of those fees went to issuers of Mastercard and Visa cards.

1. Visa/Mastercard
$67.59 billion in fees paid
2. American Express
$18.63 billion in fees paid
3. Private Label
$3.27 billion in fees paid
4. Discover
$3.19 billion in fees paid

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White Label Buy Now, Pay Later Service

Australia-based Limepay offers online merchants a buy now, pay later service they can provide to their customers under their own brand. The service also includes card payment processing. All receivables tied to the service are carried on Limepay’s balance sheet while all data gathered about a buyer is owned by the merchant. Limepay bills a consumer’s credit or debit card in four equal installments. The merchant’s branded buy now, pay later offer is presented periodically when consumers are shopping as well as at checkout. Payment in full is an option.

Limepay has a processor relationship with aggregator Stripe and is building multiple acquirer relationships. Limepay’s platform and customer messaging service is customizable by merchants. Its customers can integrate buy now, pay later with their existing loyalty programs, including in digital wallets. Limepay positions itself as an alternative to providers of buy now, pay later services that operate consumer-facing brands. Limepay, which just received $6 million in seed funding, grows its business by asking prospective clients to test its white-label service against third-party, consumer-facing brands such as Afterpay, ZipPay, Braintree, PayPal, and others.


Tim Dwyer is CEO at Limepay in Sydney, Australia,,

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