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Issue 1141 | Oct 2018


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Payment Cards in the U.S.—Purchase Volume in 2017 vs. 2022

U.S. Credit and Debit Purchase Volume Projected

U.S. Credit and Debit Purchase Transactions Projected

U.S. Credit Card Purchase Volume Market Shares

U.S. Credit Card Outstandings

U.S. Debit Card Purchase Volume Market Shares

U.S. Credit and Debit Cards Cardholders Projected

U.S. Credit and Debit Cards Projected

U.S. Credit and Debit Cards Accounts Projected

U.S. Credit and Debit Cards Total Volume Projected

U.S. credit and Debit Cards Total Transactions Projected

U.S. Credit Card Outstandings

Outstanding receivables tied to credit cards issued in the U.S. reached $1.062 trillion in 2017. Outstandings tied to U.S. credit cards will grow to $1.322 trillion by 2022.

1. Visa
2017—$453.45 bil./ 2022—$543.68 bil.
2. Mastercard
2017—$291.72 bil./ 2022—$363.40 bil.
3. Store
2017—$118.78 bil./ 2022—$145.34 bil.
4. American Express
2017—$110.75 bil./ 2022—$153.14 bil.
5. Discover
2017—$67.30 bil./ 2022—$91.56 bil.

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Lyra Network Payment Processing

Operating as a processor of card payments from the point of sale and as an ecommerce gateway provider, Lyra Network handled more than 10 billion transactions last year from 3 million POS terminals and 55,000 online merchants. Those merchants include Carrefour, Eram, Galeries Lafayette, Avia, Ikea, and Rompetrol.

More than 80% of the transactions processed were handled on a white-label basis for banks. Lyra Network bank clients acquire nearly half of all card payments in France and Brazil and about 30% in India.

Competition in routing transactions from the point of sale comes from TNS (Transaction Network Services) and local telcos. Lyra Network says it wins contracts because it provides better value-added services such as double authentication used to certify the terminal on the server. Merchants and banks also receive a portal to manage their POS businesses. 

For ecommerce merchants, Lyra Network connects to 80 acquirers. It processes more than 100 payment methods and offers more than 40 payment plug-ins. It adds a Java script to checkout pages to move processing onto its system without redirecting the cardholder from the merchant’s site. This reduces the merchant’s PCI DSS costs. 

In Europe, Lyra Network has developed fraud and risk analysis tools to help merchants minimize deploying strong (two-factor) authentication on payments between €30 and €100 as required by the European Union’s PSD2 directive. Last year, Lyra Network became a licensed financial institution in France and can use that bank charter to move beyond third-party processing into full settlement acquiring, including for online marketplaces. 

Lyra Network operates subsidiaries in Brazil, India, Algeria, Germany, Spain, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico. The company was founded in 2001 and is still 100% privately held. Annual revenue exceeds $63.9 million (€55.5 million). 

Clients that use Lyra Network on a white-label basis include Societe Generale, BPCE, First Data, Credit du Nord, and Innocard. 

Christophe Mariette is Commercial Director at Lyra Network in Toulouse, France, 33 (5) 6722-3169,,

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