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Issue 1182 | Sep 2020


Companies featured in this issue include:

POS Terminal Shipments Worldwide by Region–Market Shares

POS Terminal Shipments by Type of Device

mPOS Devices Shipped in 2019

Manufacturers of POS Terminals Shipped in 2019–with Totals and mPOS Devices

Top 25 U.S. Issuers of Prepaid Cards

Top Acquirers of General Purpose Cards in Asia-Pacific

Top Acquirers of Visa and Mastercard Transactions in Asia-Pacific

Asia-Pacific’s 34 Largest Merchant Acquirers–Ranked by Visa and Mastercard Transactions

U.S. Commercial Cards’ Increasing Share of Purchase Volume

Investments & Acquisitions–August 2020

Top 25 U.S. Issuers of Prepaid Cards

The chart on page 8 ranks the 25 largest issuers of prepaid Visa, Mastercard, and Discover brand cards in the U.S. Cards from the four largest issuers generated 66% of all spending at the top 25 and are shown here.

1. The Bancorp Bank
$47.93 billion purchase volume, +14.4%
2. MetaBank
$36.18 billion purchase volume, -4.1%
3. Green Dot Bank
$27.00 billion purchase volume, +3.9%
4. Comerica Bank
$20.58 billion purchase volume, +5.3%

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Commercial Cards in the United States — Part 3

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Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit, debit, and prepaid commercial and consumer cards issued in the United States generated $6.698 trillion in purchase volume for goods and services in 2019, an increase of 8.5%. Purchase volume on commercial cards reached $1.523 trillion, up 9.2%. On consumer cards, purchase volume of $5.175 trillion increased 8.4%. 

Credit and debit commercial card products (corporate, purchasing/fleet, small business credit and debit) are made available to employees of private companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Prepaid commercial card products are available for payroll, government benefits, insurance payouts, disaster relief, and more. Purchase volume tied to commercial cards amounted to 22.74% of combined commercial and consumer card purchase volume last year compared to 22.61% in 2018. 

Based on purchase volume of $661.87 billion, the market share held by all Visa brand commercial credit and debit cards was 43.45% versus American Express, Mastercard, and Discover in 2019. Visa’s share was 43.22% in 2018. 

Consumer credit and debit card purchase volume for Visa was $3.369 trillion last year, giving it a 65.10% market share for all consumer card purchase volume on credit and debit cards issued in the U.S. That market share was 65.35% in 2018. 

For American Express, commercial card purchase volume was $431.02 billion last year, up 5.4%. Amex’s commercial card market share was 28.30% in 2019 versus 29.31% in 2018. American Express has no commercial debit card products.

Purchase volume on consumer cards at American Express of $389.57 billion last year was up 7.4%, which gave it a market share of 7.53% compared to 7.60% in 2018. Amex has some prepaid consumer card products.

Mastercard’s commercial credit and debit card purchase volume increased 12.3% to $428.41 billion last year, giving it a 28.13% share of the market. Its market share was 27.35% in 2018. Purchase volume on consumer cards with the Mastercard brand grew 10.2% to $1.272 trillion last year. Its market share increased to 24.58% from 24.18% in 2018.

For Discover, consumer card purchase volume grew 5.1% to $144.35 billion last year. Its market share of consumer card purchase volume was 2.79%, down from 2.88% in 2018. Discover offers only one commercial card product, a small business credit card, which it launched in September 2018. Spending on that card was $1.84 billion, up 12.0%. Discover’s share of commercial card purchase volume was 0.12%, the same as in 2018.

For Visa, commercial cards accounted for 16.42% of combined Visa commercial and consumer purchase volume of $4.031 trillion last year. For Mastercard, that figure was 25.19% of $1.701 trillion, and for American Express, it was 52.53% of $820.59 billion. 

When measuring only consumer credit card purchase volume, Visa’s market share reached 58.22% on $1.589 trillion in spending in 2019. The prior year, Visa’s share was 58.88%. Mastercard consumer purchase volume of $606.12 billion gave it a 22.21% share compared to 21.49% in 2018. For American Express, consumer card spending of $389.57 billion gave it a share of 14.28% versus 14.24% in 2018, and Discover’s consumer purchase volume of $144.35 billion gave it a 5.29% share compared to 5.39% in 2018.

When measuring only commercial credit card purchase volume, Visa held a 40.45% market share in 2019 compared to 40.33% in 2018. Amex’s share was 34.84%, down from 36.21% the prior year. Mastercard’s share was 24.56% compared to 23.32% in 2018.

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