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Issue 1189 | Jan 2021


Companies featured in this issue include:

Purchase Transactions Projected Worldwide

Market Shares of Purchase Transactions Projected for 2025 by Region

Purchase Transactions Global Brand Cards 2000-2020

M&A Activity in Merchant Processing and Acquiring by Region—2020

Mastercard & Visa Worldwide thru 3Q 2020

Mastercard & Visa Worldwide thru 3Q 2020

There were over 218 billion credit, debit and prepaid card purchase transactions for Mastercard and Visa worldwide in the first three quarters of 2020. Transactions included all consumer and commercial card products.

1. Visa Worldwide
136.03 bil. purchase transactions, -0.2%
2. Mastercard Worldwide
82.04 bil. purchase transactions, +4.1%
3. Worldwide totals
218.07 bil. purchase transactions, +1.4

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Huntington, TCF Merger Impacts Debit Cards

Regional U.S. banks Huntington Bancshares and TCF Financial have agreed to merge in an all-stock transaction. Huntington will acquire TCF for almost $6.00 billion. The combined bank will have about $170 billion in assets and over 1,200 branch locations in 12 states.

When their debit card businesses are combined, the new bank will rank 14th largest in the U.S. Huntington and TCF combined generated $39.05 billion in purchase volume in 2019 from 1.06 billion transactions and 5.1 million cards. Huntington, which issues Mastercard brand debit cards, uses Fiserv to handle cardholder account processing. TCF is a majority Visa debit card issuer. Fiserv also handles processing for TCF debit cards.

Neither Huntington nor TCF own merchant acquiring businesses. Both have merchant referral agreements with Fiserv. 

TCF does not own a credit card portfolio. It is an agent for First Bankcard, a subsidiary of First National of Omaha. Huntington issues consumer and commercial credit card products. Its portfolio is the 35th largest among Mastercard and Visa card issuers in the U.S. There were 768,432 Huntington credit cards in circulation at midyear 2020. All had the Mastercard brand.

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