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Issue 1192 | Feb 2021


Companies featured in this issue include:

Top Issuers of General Purpose Credit Cards in the U.S.–Purchase Volume

Market Shares of Outstandings for Top U.S. Issuers in 2020

Top U.S. Credit Card Issuers in the U.S.

Top 50 Visa and Mastercard Credit Card Issuers in the U.S.

Top 50 Visa and Mastercard Credit Card Issuers in the U.S.

The 50 largest issuers of Visa and Mastercard credit cards in the U.S. are ranked by outstanding receivables as of December 31, 2020. The total for that group was $634.19 billion, down 14.3%. The 5 largest are listed here.

1. JPMorgan Chase, Delaware
$144.22 billion outstandings, -14.6%
2. Citi, South Dakota
$100.82 billion outstandings, -12.9%
3. Capital One, Virginia
$87.93 billion outstandings, -17.9%
4. Bank of America, Delaware
$87.24 billion outstandings, -18.9%
5. U.S. Bank, Ohio
$37.20 billion outstandings, -10.2%

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Wiseasy POS Terminal

Wiseasy, a China-based manufacturer of point-of-sale hardware, has launched a handheld mobile terminal called the P3QT. The company is the 22nd largest manufacturer of POS terminals based on units shipped in 2019. 

The P3QT has a 4-inch touchscreen and uses a customized Android 8.1 operating system running on a quad-core processor. Each terminal accepts payments from chip and magnetic stripe cards, NFC and QR codes. The latter is accomplished with the P3QT’s autofocusing 5MP camera. 

The device has 1GB of memory. It is available in blue or black with customized colors available on request. A 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery can handle 500 transactions or 72 hours on screen-out standby. A built-in GPS antenna allows location services. Network connectivity options include 4G, 3G and 2G cellular as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. 

The P3QT is PCI 5.x as well as EMV Level 1 and Level 2 approved.

Wiseasy will sell the P3QT in the Latin America, EMEA and North America regions as well as in its home market of China.


Cynthia Wang is Senior Marketing Director at Beijing Wiseasy Co. Ltd. in Beijing, China,,

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