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Issue 1201 | Jul 2021


Companies featured in this issue include:

Asia-Pacific Global Network Cards 2020—Purchase Transactions

Asia-Pacific Spending, Transaction and Cards by Global Brand

Asia-Pacific Market Shares of Purchase Transactions—2008-2020

U.S. Debit Card Issuers—Ranked 51-100

U.S. Merchant Processing Fees—2020

Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Financing Transactions—January-June 2021

U.S. Merchant Processing Fees—2020

Merchants in the United States paid $110.32 billion in processing fees in 2020 to accept $7.630 trillion in credit and debit card purchase volume. Fees paid declined 5.2% from 2019.

Visa/Mastercard Credit
$61.63 billion fees, $2,776.21 billion purchase volume
Visa/Mastercard Debit
$22.60 billion fees, $3,138.74 billion purchase volume
American Express
$15.77 billion fees, $691.52 billion purchase volume
PIN Debit
$4.21 billion fees, $637.33 billion purchase volume
$3.11 billion fees, $142.80 billion purchase volume

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Trust Swiftly ID Verification

Detecting fraudulent identities using machine learning and consumer self-identification is the business of start-up Trust Swiftly. The company offers no-code integration into several ecommerce merchant business processes including Sift, Stripe Radar and Amazon Fraud Detector.

Trust Swiftly touts its ability to identify legitimate customers as well as people with criminal intent within seconds depending on the verification methods a client wants to deploy. The company primarily handles higher value transactions that would otherwise be declined by a merchant’s fraud detection processes. 

Trust Swiftly offers 15 ID verification options, including geolocation, voice verification, phone ownership and card ownership. 

The company’s card-ownership method uses a small 3DS2 authenticated charge for verification. A temporary random amount is debited from the cardholder’s account, then confirmed by the cardholder. 

Consumers are asked only about information a client wants to verify. Trust Swiftly doesn’t require access to any additional data that a client stores about its customers. 

Clients pay depending on the number of verification requests, and the company’s pay-as-you-go revenue model does not require long-term contracts. 

Trust Swiftly currently lets clients store data in 22 countries. The company’s service is in trials with ecommerce merchant and BNPL provider Zilch.


Patrick Scanlan is Chief Executive Officer at Trust Swiftly in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,,

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