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Issue 1221 | Jun 2022


Companies featured in this issue include:

Europe’s Global Network Cards—Market Shares in 2021

Europe Global Network Cards—2021 with change vs. 2020

Market Shares of Purchase Transactions 2001-2021

Commercial Bank Credit Cards in Canada—Visa and Mastercard

Commercial Bank Credit Cards in Canada—Cards by Product

Investments & Acquisitions—May 2022

Europe’s Global Network Cards—2021 with change vs. 2020

Credit, debit and prepaid cards issued in Europe with Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club brands generated $4.217 trillion in purchase volume in 2021. On a local currency basis this was an increase of 22.1% over 2020.

$2.441 trillion, +16.2%
$1.684 trillion, +32.0%
American Express
$0.086 trillion, +18.2%
Diners Club
$0.005 trillion, +11.4%

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Commercial Bank Credit Cards in Canada

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Visa and Mastercard issuers in Canada of commercial credit card products are shown here ranked by purchase volume in 2021. The Visa and Mastercard table includes all products. 

Purchase volume figures have been converted to US dollars from Canadian dollars based on the average conversion factors for each...

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