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Issue 1223 | Jul 2022


Companies featured in this issue include:

Europe’s Top Issuers of Credit and Debit Cards–General Purpose Purchase Volume

Top General Purpose Card Issuers in Europe 2021

Top 50 Credit Card Issuers in Europe 2021

Top 50 Debit Card Issuers in Europe 2021

Largest Consumer Credit and Debit Card Issuers 2021

US Visa Direct and Mastercard Send Funds Transfers

Investments & Acquisitions—June 2022

US Visa Direct and Mastercard Send Funds Transfers

Banks participating in Visa Direct and Mastercard Send Funds Transfers, including account funding transactions (AFT) and original credit transactions are ranked in this issue. The top five for AFT are listed here.

1. Bank of America
$32.73 billion
2. Wells Fargo
$27.81 billion
3. Navy FCU
$15.36 billion
4. The Bancorp Bank
$8.40 billion
5. PNC Bank
$7.78 billion

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BHG Cards & POS Financing

BHG Financial, formerly Bankers Healthcare Group, operates six business units focused on working capital, credit cards, POS financing and lending as a service to consumer, small business and bank customers. The company will generate more than $4 billion in unsecured loans this year through its BHG Money, NaluPay, Fund-Ex Solutions and BHG Direct units.

In March 2022, BHG launched NaluPay to offer point-of-sale financing in the healthcare, retail and home improvement sectors. NaluPay is focused on generating higher loan amounts versus the average ticket size for buy now, pay later specialists. Average loan amounts for NaluPay exceed $8,000.  

The NaluPay risk engine benefits from 20 years of data on unsecured loans BHG has made to consumers and small businesses, which are also characterized by higher loan amounts. The average exceeds $80,000 for small businesses and $50,000 for consumers. Small businesses are given repayment terms up to 12 years. Consumer repayments have terms up to 10 years.

NaluPay cites time spent building the user interface with helping its clients generate bigger sales. BHG gives companies that offer NaluPay customizable programs with flexible payment options. Buyers receive credit lines up to $50,000. They can make purchases against that line of credit for up to 6 months. Repayment can occur over 144 monthly payments.

Pinnacle Bank based in Nashville, Tennessee, owns 49% of BHG. The bank holds all NaluPay receivables. It is also the issuer of 75,000 consumer and small business Mastercard credit cards that BHG has opened with customers that use its unsecured loans. 

The company plans to expand its credit card business in the second half of this year, including through partnerships with new card issuers. The BHG unsecured loan book is owned by Pinnacle as well as by 1,400 community banks that participate in BHG Bank Network, a white-label consumer lending platform banks offer to gain new assets.

BHG is looking for partners among merchant acquirers to expand its NaluPay POS financing business.


Tyler Crawford is Chief Operating Officer at BHG Group Financial in Davie, Florida,,

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