Nilson Report

Issue 1229 | Oct 2022


Companies featured in this issue include:

Largest Merchant Acquiring Portfolios Worldwide

Largest 150 Merchant Acquirers Worldwide 

Top Manufacturers of Payment Cards Ranked by Shipments in 2021

Payment Card Shipments by Manufacturer—2021

Card Manufacturers of Payment Cards—Other High Security

Card Manufacturers of Payment Cards—Visa and Mastercard

Card Manufacturers of Payment Cards—UnionPay

Card Manufacturers of Payment Cards—Other Payment

Top 10 Issuers in Latin America Ranked by Purchase Volume

Top 50 General Purpose Card Issuers in Latin America

Top 50 Credit Card Issuers in Latin America

Top 50 Debit Card Issuers in Latin America

Largest 150 Merchant Acquirers Worldwide

The 150 largest merchant acquirers worldwide are ranked on page 6 based on the number of global brand and domestic credit, debit and prepaid card purchase transactions they processed in 2021.The 5 largest are ranked here.

FIS (Worldpay), Group
42.46 billion purchase transactions
JPMorgan Chase, Group
40.25 billion purchase transactions
Sberbank, Russia
37.93 billion purchase transactions
Fiserv, Group
27.63 billion purchase transactions
Global Payments, Group
18.06 billion purchase transactions

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Shopper Cash Rewards Visa Card from U.S. Bank

Cardholders who sign up for the U.S. Bank Shopper Cash Rewards Visa Signature Card are given the opportunity to receive 6% cash back on purchases made at 2 retailers they select from among 24 linked to the card. 

The 24 retailers connected to Shopper Cash Rewards are in the home improvement, consumer...

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