Nilson Report

Issue 1235 | Feb 2023


Companies featured in this issue include:

Global Network Card Brands in the US–2022

Credit Card Outstandings in the US

Market Shares of Purchase Volume on General Purpose Cards in the US–2022

US General Purpose Cards 2022 with Change vs. 2021

General Purpose Credit Cards in the US

Visa and Mastercard Purchase Transactions–Debit vs. Credit

Purchase Volume on US Visa and Mastercard Credit and Debit Cards

Debit & Prepaid Cards 2022

Credit, Debit and Prepaid Cards 2022

Investments & Acquisitions–January 2023

US General Purpose Cards 2022 with Change vs. 2021

Visa and Mastercard consumer and commercial credit, debit and prepaid cards issued in the US generated $8.272 trillion in purchase volume in 2022, up 12% over 2021. A breakdown by brand and product are shown below.

Visa, Debit
$2.990 trillion purchase volume
Visa, Credit
$2.840 trillion purchase volume
Mastercard, Credit
$1.321 trillion purchase volume
Mastercard, Debit
$1.121 trillion purchase volume

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Palm Vein Biometrics from Ingenico and Fujitsu

Among biometric modalities used to authenticate payments in a merchant’s checkout lane, including fingerprints, facial scans and iris scans, palm vein identification has notable advantages. Not only is every person’s pattern of veins unique, but the existing technology available to read veins in the human palm is more...

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