Nilson Report

Issue 1236 | Feb 2023


Companies featured in this issue include:

Top Issuers of General Purpose Credit Cards in the US 2022 vs 2021

Market Shares of Outstandings for Top Issuers in 2022 with Change vs 2021 in Basis Points

The 20 Largest US Credit Card Issuers in 2022—Ranked by Outstandings, Pur-chase Volume, Purchase Transactions and Cards

Largest Visa and Mastercard Credit Card Purchase Transactions in 2022

Top 50 Visa and Mastercard Credit Card Issuers in the US—Ranked by Out-standings in 2022

Publicly Traded Companies in Payments

Top 50 Visa and Mastercard Credit Card Issuers in the US

Among the 50 largest US issuers of Visa and Mastercard credit cards, 29 issuers had growth in purchase volume that exceeded the US industry average of 19.3% year-over-year growth. The top five are listed here.

Upgrade Card, New Jersey
Up 107.3%
Avant, Utah
Up 95.8%
Mission Lane, Utah
Up 73.8%
Goldman Sachs, Utah
Up 70.3%
Mercury Financial, Texas
Up 68.8%

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Intergiro Adds Embedded Finance Option for PSPs

Providing payment service providers (PSPs), platforms, fintechs and crypto exchanges an all-in-one toolkit that can be used to offer free bank account services to small and midsized merchants is the latest business of Intergiro. The company, which was formed in 2014, is a licensed e-money institution operating throughout the...

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