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Issue 1149 | Mar 2019


Companies featured in this issue include:

Top Acquirers in the U.S.

Investments & Acquisitions—February 2019

U.S. Acquirer Totals—2018 Ranked by Purchase Volume and Purchase Transactions

Top Merchant Acquirers in the U.S.—2018 Ranked by Visa/Mastercard Volume

Card Not Present (CNP) Acquiring in the U.S.—2018

Merchant Acquirers in the U.S. 2018—Ranked by Visa/Mastercard Volume

Based on Visa and Mastercard credit, debit, and prepaid purchase volume processed in the United States, the 5 largest merchant acquirers are listed here.

1. Chase Merchant Services, Texas
$1,041.95 bil. V/MC volume, +15.0%
2. Bank of America, Georgia
$684.57 bil. V/MC volume, +6.2%
3. Worldpay, Ohio
$655.59 bil. V/MC volume, +5.3%
4. Wells Fargo, California
$421.19 bil. V/MC volume, +23.9%
5. Global Payments, Georgia
$333.84 bil. V/MC volume, 3.4%

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Fingerprint Cards’ Biometric Software for Payments

All of the 19 announced pilot tests for dual-interface (contact/contactless) biometric payment cards worldwide use, or have used, hardware and sensors manufactured by Fingerprint Cards. Royal Bank of Scotland/Natwest Bank in the U.K. is the most recent announcement. The banks will test 200 Visa and Mastercard cards. Gemalto is the card manufacturer.

Fingerprint Cards, which has been using the biometric algorithms in software from Precise Biometrics to handle transaction speed, user convenience, and security, has just launched its own software platform for payments, called FPC-BEP, with features including OneTouch and QuickTouch. With OneTouch, the sensor is always ready to go. Fast transactions in the checkout lane are possible because the sensor doesn’t need to boot up. QuickTouch captures and verifies an image of a user’s fingerprint in less than 0.3 seconds to provide the security for a biometric-based payment.

Issuers and card manufacturers can continue to use biometric software from Precise Biometrics or use Fingerprint Cards’ technology end to end. The company’s biometric software is used 10 billion times a day in more than 330 models of smartphones worldwide. 

Gemalto, the world’s largest payment card manufacturer, has ordered more than 200,000 hardware/sensor units from Fingerprint Cards for delivery during 2019 and 2020. Some of those units will include the FPC-BEP software platform. Tests with Gemalto card-issuing customers will provide the Visa, Mastercard, and other network certification FPC-BEP needs. Other card manufacturer customers of Fingerprint Cards are Idemia, Kona, and Feitian. 

Thomas Rex is Senior VP Business Line at Fingerprint Cards AB in Malmo, Sweden,,

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