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Issue 1153 | May 2019


Companies featured in this issue include:

Top Acquirers in Europe Ranked by Purchase Transactions

Investments & Acquisitions—April 2019

U.S. Credit Card Debt 1988-2018

Top 20 General Purpose Card Acquirers in Europe

Largest Merchant Acquirers in Europe 2018—Ranked by Visa/Mastercard Transactions

Top 20 Acquirers of Web Transactions in Europe

Investments & Acquisitions—April 2019

In April 2019 there were 62 mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, private placements, and other investments in 20 countries. Turn to page 4 to see all 62 deals.

1. Epsilon (United States)
Acquired by Publicis, $4.40 billion
2. Network International (Dubai)
IPO, $1.40 billion
3. Wirecard (Germany)
Bonds purchased by Softbank, $1.00 billion

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Edenred Tests Biometric Mastercard in Mexico

Edenred provides payment services to 830,000 corporate and government clients in 45 countries. Since March of this year, Edenred has worked with its client, the state of Sonora, to test a contact-type biometric (fingerprint) Mastercard product tied to a government benefit program. There are 100 people in the test, which will conclude in June. 

The Mastercard cards are manufactured by Idemia and use sensor modules from Idex Biometrics. They use the Mastercard biometric card specification. 

Edenred has a direct issuer license in Mexico, where it also provides prepaid cards for food vouchers and retail spending. 

Edenred managed $31.46 billion (€28 billion) in payment volume last year. That volume was initiated via mobile, online, card, and paper voucher formats. 

The company has three business lines—Employee Benefits (food, meals, well-being, leisure, culture), Fleet and Mobility (fuel, tools, maintenance, business travel), and Complementary Solutions (corporate payments, incentives and rewards, and public social programs). 

Collectively, these business units facilitated 2.50 billion payment transactions last year.

Edenred completed a $600-million acquisition of U.S.-based Corporate Spending Innovations (CSI) and that company’s subsidiaries in January of this year. That month it also completed a $123.5-million (£95 million) acquisition of 80% of the share capital of U.K.-based The Right Fuelcard (TRFC) company. 

CSI provides automated corporate payment software in North America to top brands. Customers can automate 100% of business-to-business (B2B) payables, including virtual credit card, ghost card, proprietary network, ACH, check, or foreign exchange with cross-border payments settled in local currency. 

CSI is a certified Mastercard processor and holds Visa Ready for Business Solutions approval. 

TRFC, which supports 150,000 cardholders, ranks fourth largest  among fuel card providers in the U.K.

Andrea Keller is CEO at Edenred in Mexico City, Mexico,,

Ellen Moskowitz is Director, Product Development and Innovation, Cyber Intelligence Solutions at Mastercard in New York,,

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