The Nilson Report

Issue 1146 | Jan 2019


Companies featured in this issue include:

Purchase Volume Worldwide on General Purpose Cards 2017 vs. 2027

Mergers & Acquisitions in Merchant Acquiring/Processing in 2018

Discover Card U.S. 2018

Income at Top U.S. Credit Card Issuers—Company Net vs. Card Net

American Express 2018

Market Shares of Purchase Volume on Global General Purpose Cards

Top 10 Visa/Mastercard Acquirers Worldwide

Mergers & Acquisitions in Merchant Acquiring/Processing in 2018

There were 49 merger and acquisition deals in merchant acquiring and pro-cessing in 18 countries in 2018. The four largest are shown here. The table on page 7 shows all 49 deals.

1. 1. Verifone, United States
Francisco/BC, $3.40 billion
2. 2. Six Payment Services, Switzerland
Worldline, $2.75 billion
3. 3. iZettle, Sweden
PayPal, $2.20 billion
4. 4. Priority Holdings, United States
MI Acquisitions, $1.00 billion

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Discover Financial Services Results—2018

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Net income after taxes grew 30.6% to $2.74 billion at Discover Financial Services (DFS) in 2018 on revenues (net of interest expense) of $10.71 billion (up 8.2%). Purchases of goods and services tied to Discover brand credit and prepaid cards reached $139.04 billion, up 7.9% over 2017. 

Cash advances on...

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