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Issue 1160 | Sep 2019


Companies featured in this issue include:

POS Terminal Shipments Worldwide by Region

Top General Purpose Acquirers in Latin America 2018

Largest Visa/Mastercard Merchant Acquirers in Latin American 2018

Manufacturers of POS Terminals Ranked by Shipments 2018—Market Shares by Region

Top General Purpose Acquirers in Latin America 2018

The 42 largest acquirers of payment card transactions for merchants in Latin America are listed on page 9. The five largest based on general purpose transactions are shown here.

1. Cielo
6.90 billion transactions
2. Rede
4.44 billion transactions
3. Getnet
2.14 billion transactions
1.86 billion transactions
5. Transbank
1.53 billion transactions

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Fidel Aggregates Card Data

Fidel is an aggregator that makes payment card transaction data accessible to web and mobile application developers in real time. The company has API integrations with the authorization systems at Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. From those links it also knows where transactions occur and other information useful to clients for their rewards programs, digital receipts, money management, POS lending, and more. 

The company launched in December 2017. It has customers in the U.K., Ireland, the Nordics, Canada, Japan, and the U.S., including Klarna, British Airways, and Royal Bank of Canada. 

When cardholders provide consent, Fidel can gather transaction data anywhere Visa, Mastercard, and American Express operate processing services. 

In addition to securely sending card data to an application developer, Fidel can facilitate communication with a developer’s clients, such as a participating merchant, to invoice that merchant for miles or other rewards currencies. Fidel can also add money into a card account.

The main value in Fidel’s aggregation service is speed to market for new apps that need access to card data. Developers only need to write a few lines of code to connect to Fidel. All of the complex code needed to link to the three card networks, and the expense associated with that task, has been handled by Fidel. The company’s clients also avoid PCI compliance costs.

Fidel generates revenue on a per-transaction basis. All data exchanged between the networks, Fidel, and its clients are tokenized.

Fidel is backed by the U.K.’s Technology Strategy Board (Innovate U.K.) and Horizons Ventures.

Dev Subrata is CEO at Fidel in London, U.K.,,

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