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Issue 1160 | Sep 2019


Companies featured in this issue include:

POS Terminal Shipments Worldwide by Region

Top General Purpose Acquirers in Latin America 2018

Largest Visa/Mastercard Merchant Acquirers in Latin American 2018

Manufacturers of POS Terminals Ranked by Shipments 2018—Market Shares by Region

Top General Purpose Acquirers in Latin America 2018

The 42 largest acquirers of payment card transactions for merchants in Latin America are listed on page 9. The five largest based on general purpose transactions are shown here.

1. Cielo
6.90 billion transactions
2. Rede
4.44 billion transactions
3. Getnet
2.14 billion transactions
1.86 billion transactions
5. Transbank
1.53 billion transactions

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Sprint/Dynamics Card Partnership

Sprint’s Curiosity IoT network is the first mobile telecom infrastructure built to support software that drives the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as smartphones. Curiosity IoT separates smartphone traffic from IoT traffic to create the shortest possible path for exchanging messages. Card manufacturer Dynamics recognized this feature would place the lowest possible demand on the battery of its EMV-compliant Wallet Card, a high-security payment card that is also an IoT device. It provides issuers with over-the-air management capabilities, which include sending information and messages to the card’s 65,000 pixel display. 

Changes supported by over-the-air management include updates to expiration dates and loyalty programs. 

The ability to use Curiosity IoT solidified Dynamics’ investment in creating a 5-year lifecycle for its Wallet Card. Previously, it solved a power consumption problem associated with battery-operated cards. 

The Wallet Card gets certified by any mobile network worldwide as smartphones do. Dynamics leverages Curiosity IoT to control the certification process from the U.S. However, once registered, cards operate on local mobile networks in 195 countries. 

The chip in the Wallet Card can be accessed through any mobile network in the world. Dynamics figured out a way to use a single antenna in the Connected Wallet Card to handle the different frequencies deployed by MNOs around the world. 

Card issuers signed to use the Wallet Card include Emirates NBD, which will be the first to bring cards into circulation capable of downloading data and messages.

Ivo Rook is Senior VP, IoT & Product Management at Sprint in Kansas City, Kansas,,

Jeff Mullen is CEO at Dynamics in Cheswick, Pennsylvania,,

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