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Issue 1162 | Oct 2019


Companies featured in this issue include:

Payment Cards in Circulation Worldwide—Projected

Top Issuers of General Purpose Credit Cards in the U.S. Midyear 2019

mPOS Devices Shipped 2018

Largest Credit Card Issuers in Latin America

Largest Debit Card Issuers in Latin America

Top General Purpose/Visa/Mastercard Card Issuers in Latin America

Acceptance Locations for Global Brands

Top General Purpose/Visa/Mastercard Card Issuers in Latin America

The five largest payment card issuers in the Latin America and Caribbean region are listed here. The 50 largest appear on page 11 of our current issue.

1. Itau Unibanco, Brazil
$126.43 billion general purpose volume
2. Banco Bradesco, Brazil
$81.71 billion general purpose volume
3. Bando do Brasil, Brazil
$67.72 billion general purpose volume
4. Banco Santander, Brazil
$55.92 billion general purpose volume
5. Caixa Economica Federal, Brazil
$49.48 billion general purpose volume

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Global Brand Card Acceptance Worldwide

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Visa and Mastercard maintain the most payment card acceptance locations worldwide versus all other card brands. At year-end 2018, acceptance locations reached 52.9 million including in-store outlets, websites, ATMs, and bank branches. Growth continued in physical merchant locations in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. 

There was significant growth worldwide in online sites including merchants adding web sales to complement their in-store operations. And growth continued among merchants using smartphones to handle card payments. While smartphones as POS devices will continue to grow worldwide, particularly through QR codes, the use of dongles—card readers inserted into mobile devices to handle magnetic-stripe and chip card payments—seems to have peaked. Shipments of dongles dropped by more than 60% in 2018, while shipments of inexpensive, handheld mobile POS devices that are being sold, or given away for free, grew by 60%. 

UnionPay became the second largest global network when combining its massive network in China with its fast growing international coverage. 

New Discover Global Network (DGN) acceptance deals in 2018 included those with Prosa in Mexico and NCCC in Taiwan. 

Payment cards issued in Brazil (Elo), China (UnionPay), India (RuPay), Japan (JCB), South Korea (BC Card), Turkey (Troy), and Vietnam (Napas) have access to DGN. Those companies add Discover bank identification numbers (BINs) to their cards. They reciprocate by opening locations to Discover and sometimes Diners Club cards. 

JCB grew its network in 2018 from partnerships in Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Germany, Austria, and Vietnam. 

American Express grew mainly by way of initiatives with third-party acquirers and aggregators to boost acceptance with small and micromerchants in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

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