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Issue 1164 | Nov 2019


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Card Fraud Worldwide 2010–2027 Cents per $100 of Total Volume

Percentage of Fraud Occurring Inside vs. Outside the U.S.

Card Fraud Projected Worldwide

Fraud by Type of Card 2018

Global General Purpose Cards Midyear 2019 vs. Midyear 2018

Largest Credit Card Issuers in Asia–Pacific

Largest Debit Card Issuers in Asia–Pacific

Top General Purpose/Visa/Mastercard Card Issuers in Asia–Pacific

The Largest Credit Card Issuers in Asia–Pacific

The 50 largest credit & debit card issuers in the Asia–Pacific region are ranked on page 10 based on purchase volume in 2018. The 5 largest credit card issuers are ranked here.

1. China Merchants, China
$555.35 billion purchase volume
2. China Construction, China
$443.42 billion purchase volume
3. Bank of Communications
$442.20 billion purchase volume
4. ICBC, China
$437.84 billion purchase volume
5. China Everbright, China
$351.66 billion purchase volume

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Top 50 Card Issuers in Asia–Pacific

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The Asia-Pacific region’s 50 largest issuers of UnionPay, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, JCB, Diners Club, and American Express general purpose credit, debit, and prepaid consumer and commercial cards as well as domestic-market-only general purpose cards in the Asia–Pacific region are included in charts on pages 10 and 11. Collectively, the top 50 issued 5.94 billion payment cards that generated purchase volume of $11.377 trillion in 2018. 

China placed 15 issuers on the list. That group had combined purchase volume of $9.676 trillion from 5.03 billion cards. They accounted for 85.1% of all purchase volume among the 50 largest issuers. The 9 issuers in South Korea had combined purchase volume of $575.13 billion from 151.0 million cards. The 8 issuers in Japan combined for purchase volume of $534.90 billion from 207.0 million cards. Australia’s 6 issuers generated $349.81 billion from 44.8 million cards. Australia led with average annual spending per card of $7,815, followed by South Korea with $3,808, Japan with $2,584, and China with $1,924. 

Among the 50 largest credit card issuers in the Asia-Pacific region, those in China generated $4.234 trillion from 932.5 million cards. Issuers in Japan generated $555.38 billion from 209.5 million cards, in South Korea $495.64 billion from 89.4 million cards, and in Australia $203.34 billion from 14.7 million credit cards. New to the top 50 were ICICI (India) and Krungsriayudhya Card (Thailand).

The 50 largest debit card issuers generated $5.772 trillion in purchase volume from 5.00 billion cards. Issuers in China accounted for $5.437 trillion from 4.09 billion cards, followed by Australia with $145.86 billion from 30.4 million debit cards, South Korea with $78.06 billion from 60.7 million cards, and India with $67.13 billion from 703.8 million cards. New to the top 50 was Andhra Bank (India).

When measuring only Mastercard and Visa purchase volume, issuers in China combined for $1.196 trillion from 261.5 million cards. Japan’s issuers generated $451.76 billion from 167.7 million cards, South Korea’s issuers generated $332.32 billion from 84.0 million cards, and Australia’s accounted for $312.24 billion from 38.5 million cards.

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