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Issue 1166 | Dec 2019


Companies featured in this issue include:

Consumer Payment Systems in the U.S.—Purchase Transactions in 2018

Investments & Acquisitions—November 2019

Total Chip Card Shipments 2018

Other POS Devices Shipped—2018

Largest Maestro Issuers Worldwide

Top 150 Credit Card Issuers by Purchase Volume & Country 2018

U.S. Consumer Payment Systems—Paper, Cards, Electronic

Personal Consumption Expenditures in the U.S.

Total Chip Card Shipments 2018

On page 6 we list the 52 largest manufacturers of chip cards worldwide. The five largest are shown below.

1. Thales, Netherlands
2,393.0 million, 876.0 million payment cards
2. Idemia, France
1,694.0, million, 715.0 million payment cards
3. G+D Mobile Security, Germany
1,332.0 million, 542.0 million payment cards
4. Eastcompeace Technology, China
816.9 million, 163.4 million payment cards
5. XH Smart Tech, China
651.9 million, 68.1 million payment cards

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American Express Health and Wellness Co-Brand

Vitality, whose businesses include private health insurance, life insurance, and investment plans, is a partner with American Express for a cash-back credit card in the U.K. The Vitality American Express Credit Card has no annual fee and is available to Vitality members with eligible insurance policies. The card offers 0.5% cash back on up to $6,575 (£5,000) a year in spending, and 1.0% when spending exceeds that amount. 

The card combines points earned from everyday spending with Vitality points earned when cardholders track physical activity on a device linked to their Vitality app. They earn points for activities including completing 7,000 steps in a day, gym visits, and running. The cash-back booster level depends on the amount of physical activity members complete. The more activity they record, the more cash back they can earn. 

The level of physical activity in any given month and the number of Vitality products held can get cardholders up to a 1.0% cash-back boost if they have either a health insurance policy or a life insurance policy. They will receive up to a 2.0% cash-back boost if they have both. A cash-back boost is also applied for the first $1,310 (£1,000) of purchases per month. 

Stacey Sterbenz is Vice President, Acquisitions at American Express in London, U.K.,,

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