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Issue 1168 | Jan 2020


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U.S. General Purpose Cards, Outstandings as a Percentage of Purchase Volume

American Express Card Results 2019

Discover Card U.S. Results 2019

Income at Top U.S. Credit Card Issuers: Company Net vs. Card Net

Investments in Merchant Acquiring & Processing—2019

American Express Card Results 2019

Results for American Express for calendar year 2019 are shown on the table on page 6. Figures include business generated by cards issued inside and outside the United States.

1. Cards
Global Total 114.4 (million), +0.4%
2. Accounts
Global Total 93.0 (million), +0.4%
3. Transactions
Global Total 8.90 (billion), +6.4%
4. Volume
Global Total $1,240.80 (billion), +6.3%
5. Outstandings
Global Total $172.57 (billion), +3.4%

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Paystand B2B Blockchain for JCB

Paystand, provider of a blockchain-based business-to-business payment platform in the U.S. and Canada, is expanding to Japan. JCB will provide Paystand’s end-to-end payments-as-a-service platform to existing and new customers. Already the top consumer card issuer in Japan, JCB sees commercial card and noncard B2B payments as a growth opportunity in its home country. 

The B2B payment market in Japan is estimated to be in the $10-trillion range. However, only 1% of commercial payments in Japan are made via commercial credit card products, and an even smaller percentage are made through other electronic means such as bank transfers. 

Paystand and JCB believe between $500 billion to $1 trillion in costs can be taken out of B2B payments in Japan by moving to technology that integrates directly into merchants’ existing workflows to fully automate the cash lifecycle. 

The JCB/Paystand platform will connect payers and suppliers over cloud-based infrastructure with real-time fund verification, which the companies say reduces Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by over 60% on average. One feature of the Paystand platform is its zero-fee network for bank-to-bank transfers for companies that subscribe to its payments-as-a-service model on a monthly or yearly basis. 

Paystand’s combination of blockchain, fingerprinting, and electronic certification of every transaction is designed to eliminate the potential for fraud and forgery, while creating trust and transparency. Large volumes of data are verifiable and untamperable. Transactions are private but can be shared with select third parties. Paystand uses smart contracts, unique nonfungible tokens, imprints, and disclosures to issue, keep track of, disclose, and verify data.

Paystand has received $8.3 million in funding, most recently a Series A round in 2017. 

Jeremy Almond is Chief Executive Officer at Paystand in Scotts Valley, California,,

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