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Issue 1143 | Nov 2018


Companies featured in this issue include:

Top 150 Card Issuers Worldwide Ranked by Outstandings

Total Chip Card Shipments 2017

Chip Card Shipments by Category and Type of Card 2017

Top Debit Card Issuers by Purchase Volume & Country 2017

150 Largest Credit Card Portfolios Worldwide 2017

Total Chip Card Shipments 2017

The 50 largest manufacturers of payment cards with microchips are listed in the table on page 8. The five largest are listed here based on units shipped in 2017.

1. Gemalto
899.0 million units shipped
2. Idemia
725.0 million units shipped
3. G+D Mobile Security
510.2 million units shipped
4. Goldpac Group
197.5 million units shipped
5. Eastcompeace Technology
129.6 million units shipped

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Chip Card Manufacturers

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There were 13.70 billion chip cards shipped worldwide in 2017, up 13.2% over 2016. The number of payment cards with chips reached 3.65 billion, up 1.4%. Chip cards were also used for mobile phone handsets, transportation and ticketing, private label prepaid, telecom, and nonpayment applications. When comparing manufacturers selling payment cards with chips, Gemalto remained the global leader with a 24.62% market share, down from 26.49% the prior year. Gemalto manufactured 955.0 million payment cards in 2017 and 94.14% had chips. 

Idemia, which includes companies formerly known as Oberthur and Morpho, had a 19.85% share of payment cards shipped with chips, up from 19.52%. Of the 858.0 million payment cards shipped by Idemia, 84.50% had chips. 

G+D Mobile Security held a 13.97% share of payment cards with chips, up from 13.61% the prior year. Of the 547.2 million total payment cards G+D shipped last year, those with chips accounted for 93.24% 

Goldpac shipped 264.6 million payment cards and 74.62% included chips. Eastcompeace shipped 156.3 million payment cards and 82.92% included chips.

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