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Issue 1144 | Dec 2018


Companies featured in this issue include:

Consumer Payment Systems in the U.S. 2017

Investments & Acquisitions—November 2018

Card Shipments: Phone, Prepaid, Transportation, Nonpayment 2017

U.S. Consumer Payment Systems—Paper, Cards, Electronic

Personal Consumption Expenditures in the U.S.

Top Credit Card Issuers by Purchase Volume & Country 2017

Mastercard & Visa Worldwide through 3rd Quarter 2018

Mastercard & Visa Worldwide through 3rd Quarter 2018

Global purchase volume in the Visa and Mastercard networks reached $9.377 trillion for the first nine months of 2018. The U.S. total was $3.843 trillion.

1. Visa Worldwide
$6.186 trillion, +11.0%
2. Mastercard Worldwide
$3.191 trillion, +14.9%
3. Worldwide totals
$9.377, +12.3%

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Card Manufacturer Shipments—Part 3

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Shipments by manufacturer in 2017 of SIM cards, prepaid and other phone cards, private label prepaid cards, transportation/ticketing cards, along with nonpayment cards for healthcare, identification, access control, membership/loyalty, gaming, ecommerce/digital certificates, promotions, and more are shown here. 

The largest manufacturer of SIM cards for mobile phones was Gemalto, followed by Idemia (formerly Morpho and Oberthur), G+D Mobile Security, XH Smart Tech, Watchdata, and Eastcompeace. XH Smart Tech of China had the largest increase in units shipped, up 262.8 million, followed by Gemalto (up 54 million), Watchdata (up 52.0 million), and G+D Mobile Security (up 45.0 million).

The largest manufacturers of prepaid phone cards were Workz Media, based in the United Arab Emirates, Inkript Cards, based in Lebanon, and XH Smart Tech. Inkript Cards had the largest increase (up 331.8 million), followed by Workz Media with an increase of 135.4 million and Ebtikar Card Systems of the United Arab Emirates with an increase of 20.0 million.

The top manufacturers of other types of phone cards were KL Hi-Tech Secure Print of India and FutureCard of the United Arab Emirates.

Exceet Card, headquartered in Germany, was the largest manufacturer in the transportation/ticketing card category. Its card shipments grew by 49.0 million in 2017.

Exceet Card was also the largest manufacturer in the nonpayment card category, followed by Idemia, Gemalto, and Thames Card Technology.

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