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Subscriber Testimonials

Jan-Olof Brunila
, Director of Interbank Payments Strategy
, Swedbank AB

The Nilson Report provides us with valuable industry trends through keynote articles and news on recent tech discoveries. It also provides us with global developments through statistical deep-dives, all without swamping us with advertising.

Dylan Prins
, Communications Manager
, Worldline

The Nilson Report is the pulse of the payments industry. A must read.

Jacques Soussana
, General Secretary
, Nexo Standards

The Nilson Report is one of the most reliable sources of payments industry research available. Its data-driven approach offers an engaging overview of how financial institutions are operating, as well as the latest innovations and key trends across the entire payments ecosystem. Nexo standards relies on this knowledge to facilitate innovation and collaboration.

Shadi Haddad
, Founder and CEO
, Till Payments

The Nilson Report has proven to be a valuable tool for helping Till Payments assess product/market fit as we look to expand our footprint. We count on the validity of news and analysis when we are making our investment decisions.

Jan-Pieter Lips
, Head of Unified Commerce

Nilson Report has a unique and independent set-up. I’ve seen this firsthand when they interviewed me. They take their time to get the facts straight and they wrote an article that was completely objective, an article the reader can trust.