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Apr 2019 | Issue 1151
Top 10 Debit Card Issuers in the U.S. 2019
The 50 largest issuers of debit and prepaid cards in the U.S are shown on the table on pages 10 and 11. Cards from those issuers generated $1.989 trillion in purchase volume for goods and services in 2018. The 10 largest are shown here.

Mar 2019 | Issue 1150
Canada Market Shares of Purchase Volume
Market shares for Visa, Mastercard, Interac, and Amex brands, as well as issuers TD Bank, BMO, RBC, CIBC, Scotiabank, and Desjardins are shown for purchase volume in 2018.

Mar 2019 | Issue 1149
Top Acquirers in the U.S.
Owners of the 66 largest portfolios of merchant card acceptance contracts in the U.S. are ranked on pages 10 and 11. The 8 largest based on purchase transactions processed in 2018 are shown here.

Feb 2019 | Issue 1148
Top Issuers of General Purpose Credit Cards in the U.S.
Purchase volume—spending for goods and services—tied to Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards issued in the U.S. reached $3.678 trillion in 2018, up 9.7% over 2017. The eight largest issuers ranked by credit card purchase volume are shown here.

Feb 2019 | Issue 1147
U.S. General Purpose Brands
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards in the U.S. generated $6.130 trillion in purchase volume in 2018, up 10.5% over 2017. Growth in purchase volume is shown here.

Jan 2019 | Issue 1146
Purchase Volume Projected to 2027
American Express, Discover/Diners Club, JCB, Mastercard, UnionPay, and Visa, which are the global general purpose brands, are projected to generate $78.453 trillion in 10 years. This includes credit, debit, and prepaid cards.

Jan 2019 | Issue 1145
U.S. General Purpose Cards, Outstandings vs. Purchase Volume
Over the last 25 years, purchases of goods and services have grown far faster than outstanding credit card receivables. Contributing to purchase volume growth is the incentive issuers provide consumers in the form of rewards—air miles, cash back, etc.