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Issue 1145 | Jan 2019

Headlines in this issue

Credit Card Outstandings in the U.S.

Visa Wants B2B Cross-Border Payments Company

Card Transactions Projected Worldwide

Self-Sovereign Identity Using DLT

Pine Labs Merchant Services

IATA Financial Services

Fingopay Vein ID Biometric Authentication

Ingenico ePayments in Russia

Investments & Acquisitions—December 2018

MoreFun POS Terminal

EMV Solution for Gas Pumps

JCB QR Code Payments in Asia

Citi Rewards+ Credit Card

Mastercard Streamlines Corporate Logo

Charts in this issue

U.S. General Purpose Cards, Outstandings vs. Purchase Volume

Investments & Acquisitions—December 2018

Projected Growth of Purchase Transactions Worldwide

Outstandings as a Percentage of Purchase Volume on U.S. General Purpose Cards 1990-2018

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