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Issue 962 | Dec 2010

Headlines in this issue

MasterCard Buys Travelex Prepaid

Merchant Joint Venture in Brazil

Trusted Service Management for NFC Mobile

Digital River World Payments

Visa & MasterCard Outside The U.S. Through 3Q ‘10

Danaher Wants Ingenico

Phonefactor Out-Of-Band Authentication

U.S. Consumer Payment Systems

Payter Contactless POS Terminal

U.S. General Purpose Cards Through 3Q ‘10

Giesecke & Devrient Adds Display Cards


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Issue 961 | Dec 2010

Headlines in this issue

U.S. Telcos Embrace NFC Payments

Neovia Payment Services Provider

VeriFone to Acquire Hypercom

EMV Card Management Software

IRIS Biometrics

U.S. Credit Cards Projected

U.S. Debit Cards Projected

All U.S. Payment Cards Projected


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Issue 960 | Nov 2010

Headlines in this issue

AT&T Billing for Micropayments

American Express to Acquire Accertify

Discover/PayPal P2P Payments

Brighterion Acquirer/Issuer Fraud Prevention

Cartera Adds Wells Fargo

Chip Card Manufacturers

Gemalto Payments/Banking Display Card

Purchase Volume Projected

Airline Co-Branded Card Upgrades


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Issue 959 | Oct 2010

Headlines in this issue

Card Manufacturer Shipments

PayPal Credit Products in the U.S.

EMC Cards & Payments Consulting

Federal Reserve Proposes Card Act Clarifications

Two-way Secure Financial Services Email

Daily Remittance Platform for SMB Lending

MoneyGram Prepaid Money Transfer Cards

Payment Cards Projected Worldwide

Gemalto POS Terminals to VeriFone


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Issue 958 | Oct 2010

Headlines in this issue

MasterCard/Visa Settle Justice Dept. Suit

Amex to Fight U.S. Justice Dept.

Global General Purpose Cards — Midyear 2010

Payment Services Provider for Game Publishers

Citi is First to Use Programmable Mag Stripes

Data On “Credit Underserved” Consumers

Gasoline Cards

Transactions Projected Worldwide

Fraud Data Hub for Merchants & Issuers

Datacard Instant Card Issuance

Dual-Channel PIN Debit Authorization


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Issue 957 | Sep 2010

Headlines in this issue

Top Credit Card Issuers Worldwide

Programmable Mag-Stripe Cards

Fifth Third Processing Adds NPC and Springbok

Top Maestro Issuers Worldwide

VeriFone Pursues Hypercom

Net1 Expands in Korea and the U.S.

First Data in EMEA

U.S. Commercial Cards — Part 3

Ingenico PIN Pads

Global Payments In China


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Issue 956 | Sep 2010

Headlines in this issue

Mobile Phone Proximity For Fraud Deterrence

Atos Worldline to India

FICO Scores For Compromised Accounts

FIS’s Financial Services for the Underserved

PIN-Based Contactless Payments

Facebook as an International Shopping Mall

Top Card Issuers

General Purpose Cards

Visa Issuers Test Memory Cards


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Issue 955 | Aug 2010

Headlines in this issue

U.S. General Purpose Cards — Midyear 2010

SafetyPay Web Merchant Payments

Capital One Adds Private Label Cards

Latin America’s Top Acquirers

Edo Interactive Merchant-Funded Rewards

MasterCard to Acquire DataCash

Firethorn Mobile Prepaid with Discover

POS Terminal Shipments Worldwide

Fidelity Processing Services in Brazil

Virtual Prepaid Cards


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Issue 954 | Aug 2010

Headlines in this issue

Europe’s 75 Largest Merchant Acquirers

Comviva Mobile in Emerging Markets

U.S. Commercial Bank Cards — Part 2

WorldPay to Advent, Bain

Wright Express Fleet Cards Go Global

Visa’s Online Shopping Tool 

U.S. V&MC Credit Cards — Midyear

ID Tech POS Hardware

Evertec Processing to Apollo Management


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Issue 953 | Jul 2010

Headlines in this issue

Pin-Based Web Purchases

Check Authorization – 2009

First Data’s eGift Prepaid Product

Acquisitions & Investments — First Half 2010

Prepaid Card Stock Offerings

BillFloat Online Microcredit

GCS Mobile Payments for Latin America

Top Card Issuers

General Purpose Cards


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Issue 952 | Jul 2010

Headlines in this issue

Connexions Travel Reward Fulfillment

U.S. Household Debt and Credit Cards

Liquid Encryption For Mag-Stripes

Fifth Third Processing Expands

Processors Merge in Spain

Alaric Software and Oracle Hardware

Visa’s Payclick Prepaid Subsidiary

Latin America Top Card Issuers — 2009

General Purpose Card Results

Chase’s Priority Club Visa Card

Barclaycard U.S. Cobranding Success


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Issue 951 | Jun 2010

Headlines in this issue

Global Card Fraud

Display Cards in Europe

Citi Mobile Initiatives

Credit Score Volatility

Web Fraud Alert Program

U.S. Commercial Bank Cards

Landi POS Terminal


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Issue 950 | Jun 2010

Headlines in this issue

China Unionpay/Visa Network Battle

Chase/Continental Improve Airline Card

CyberAttack Exercise Update

Prepaid Cards From AccountNow

MasterCard Open API Program

Visa Expands in India

Europe Top card issuers — 2009

General Purpose Card Results


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Issue 949 | May 2010

Headlines in this issue

Bank Cards in Brazil

Roam Data Mobile Commerce

Multi-Account Health Savings Card

Visa/Bancomer Money Transfer

First Quarter Card Results – U.S.

Third 50 U.S. Credit Card Issuers

Second 50 U.S. Debit Card Issuers

Store Cards in the U.S. 2009

HioPOS POS Terminal

RS Software Data Analytics

Summit Partners Adds Ogone


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Issue 948 | May 2010

Headlines in this issue

Payment Service Providers Acquired

Real Time Out-of-Band Fraud Detection

Cash Register Middleware For Global Merchants

MasterCard’s “Pay With Rewards” Debit Card

Card Debt Per U.S. Household

First EMV Card in the U.S.

Converting Unused Prepaid Card Balances

U.S. Card Spending at Merchants

Hypercom MultiMedia POS Terminals

ACH Debit/Loyalty Card


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Issue 947 | Apr 2010

Headlines in this issue

Clear2Pay Payments Technology

ACH Payments in the U.S.

Card Company Financial Results – 2009

Target Payment Cards

Visa To Acquire CyberSource

Top Buyers of Credit Card Debt

New NFC Payment Device

Top 50 U.S. Debit Card Issuers

Jabil Contract Manufacturing for POS terminals

Visa Europe Settles Litigation


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Issue 946 | Apr 2010

Headlines in this issue

Converting to Amex Cards

Shell’s Global Fraud Protection

Wireless Carriers Going After Online Spending

Credit Card Debt Sales in 2009

Cassis Mobile NFC Trusted Services

Gemalto Authentication Devices

Global Cards — 2009

UIC’s “Green” POS Terminal


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Issue 945 | Mar 2010

Headlines in this issue

First Data & NFC Mobile Payments

Teletrack’s Alternative Credit Bureau

Prepaid Cards and Virtual Currency

Barclaycard POS Loyalty

Adeptra Customer Communication

Turnkey Credit Card Program

Top U.S. Acquirers

Industry Organizations Establish Alliances


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Issue 944 | Mar 2010

Headlines in this issue

Canada Cards

Credit Card Act — Part Three

IBM Payment Gateway

DTS Pay Alternative Web Payments

Tsys to Become Merchant Acquirer

Uncollectable Credit Card Debt

Merchant Processing Fees Down

Profits at Top U.S. Card Issuers

Green Dot Sets IPO


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Issue 943 | Feb 2010

Headlines in this issue

SecureTrading Web Merchant Processing

Middle East’s Top Merchant Acquirer/Processor

Converting Debit Card Transactions To Credit

Maritz Buys Out Amex

Payment Alliance International Expands

Trivnet Mobile Financial Services

Second 50 U.S. Bank Credit Card Issuers

Top U.S. Credit Card Issuers

Credit Cards in Circulation


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Issue 942 | Feb 2010

Headlines in this issue


MasterCard & Visa — U.S. 2009

e-Commerce Payments in China

Top 50 U.S. Visa/MasterCard Credit Card Issuers

Argus Information & Advisory Services

Signatures Required on Fewer Receipts

Debt Settlement Update

Merchant Acquiring in Germany

General Purpose Cards — U.S. 2009


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Issue 941 | Jan 2010

Headlines in this issue


Monext Processing in Europe

Maritz/Affinity Solutions POS Loyalty

Short-Term, Small-Balance Loans

Suntrust Debit Cards to MasterCard

BC Card/Discover Alliance

Merchant Acquiring Vendors Merge

Income Models for Instant Credit

American Express Results — U.S.

Ingenico Multimedia POS Terminal

BillShrink Card Marketing

InterSwitch in Nigeria

Visa Giro Prepaid Cards


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Issue 940 | Jan 2010

Headlines in this issue

Vesta Prepaid Reloads

CashEdge P2P Payments Service

Merchant Processing in India

Vivotech Contactless POS Terminal

Instant Credit for Web purchases

Receivables Management for Small Businesses

VeriFone/Heartland Litigation Update

Discover Financial Services

Hypercom’s Managed Networks Joint Venture

Morgan Stanley/Discover Litigation Update

Credit Scores and Layaway

CyberAttack Exercise 

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