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Global Brand Card Networks Worldwide–Purchase Transactions (Bil.) in 2022

Global Network Card Results Worldwide–Purchase Volume by Product

History of Purchase Transactions Worldwide–2016 through 2022

Global Network Cards in Circulation with Market Shares

Global Network Cards Worldwide 2022

Global Debit & Prepaid Cards 2022

Global Credit Cards 2022

Investments & Acquisitions–April 2023

Global Network Cards Worldwide 2022

Credit, debit and prepaid cards that carry the brands of the global networks–UnionPay, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB and Discover/Diners Club–generated $36.174 trillion in purchase volume in 2022. The top four are listed here.

$15.843 trillion in purchase volume
$11.668 trillion in purchase volume
$6.568 trillion in purchase volume
American Express
$1.540 trillion in purchase volume

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The number of merchants that have connections to messaging platforms just as they have connections to payment processors is growing. Authvia owns US patents that cover message-based payments and conversational commerce over text. Its Txt2Pay technology can be used to present invoices, receive payments, capture digital signatures, collect data, deliver documents and more. 

The Authvia payment authorization engine is available through a web-based portal, a application, APIs and other means. 

Authvia is integrated with the largest messaging networks operating in the US and Canada, including Syniverse and Twilio, as well as with messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Snapchat and Messenger. The company also integrates with Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover through payment gateways and processors. Payments are initiated by card accounts held on file by businesses such as hospitals, call centers and utilities, as well as when stored on the Authvia platform.

Fiserv, the second largest US merchant acquirer, will offer Authvia technology to independent software vendors that use its CardPointe payment gateway. Elavon, the seventh largest US acquirer, became a customer of Authvia in September 2022. Soon to go live is payment gateway provider NMI. 

Because cardholders use their own phone to authorize a transaction via text, Authvia’s technology essentially removes PCI DSS requirements from its clients and forwards them to the consumer. This boosts compliance and security.

All payments are handled using tokens, including those settled through the ACH. The company also offers a cloud-based Authvia wallet product consumers can use at any merchant.

Authvia is not an ISO or a payment facilitator (PayFac). Its virtual terminal for messages and payments is available to all ISOs, PayFacs and other companies.

Text to pay via messaging, which started out almost a decade ago in the utility bill industry, is expanding to other use cases deployed by small, midsized and enterprise businesses.

Authvia, which operates on Amazon Web Services, can deliver a text-to-pay message that also automates business processes such as capturing a consumer’s signature to secure an authorization. That signature capability can also be used in communications with consumers, even when a payment transaction is not involved. 

The company’s customers can apply card surcharges and convenience fees as well as allow for split payments. Signatures can be stored in a vault and approved by consumers for recurring payments. When making tokenized ACH payments, consumers apply a PIN. Upcoming products include paying with points.


Christopher Brunner is Chief Executive Officer at Authvia in El Segundo, California,,

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