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Companies featured in this issue include:

150 Largest Credit Card Portfolios Worldwide

Top 150 Debit Issuers Worldwide

Infineon/Next Biometrics Partnership

Cequence Fights Malicious Bots

Zero Mobile App & Credit Card

Dynamic CVV for Commercial Cards

American Express in China

Chip Card Manufacturers

Wuhan Tianyu Mobile POS Terminals

Biometric Card Test in Italy

The Better Identity Coalition

Top 150 Card Issuers Worldwide Ranked by Outstandings

Total Chip Card Shipments 2017

Chip Card Shipments by Category and Type of Card 2017

Top Debit Card Issuers by Purchase Volume & Country 2017

150 Largest Credit Card Portfolios Worldwide 2017

Total Chip Card Shipments 2017

The 50 largest manufacturers of payment cards with microchips are listed in the table on page 8. The five largest are listed here based on units shipped in 2017.

1. Gemalto
899.0 million units shipped
2. Idemia
725.0 million units shipped
3. G+D Mobile Security
510.2 million units shipped
4. Goldpac Group
197.5 million units shipped
5. Eastcompeace Technology
129.6 million units shipped

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Over the last five years more than 13.5 billion records of personally identifiable information (PII) have been lost or stolen in hacks of data centers worldwide, including those from the recent theft at Marriott. Most are or were available for sale on the dark web. Buyers of that stolen data use it to attack financial institution and retailer web, mobile, and API applications to see if consumers used the same username and password credentials at multiple locations. With credentials and other PII, criminals commit account takeover, content scraping, money laundering, prepaid card purchases, distributed denial of service, and other illegal acts.

A lone hacker can rent or buy software called Sentry MBA to gain access to 400,000 proxy servers worldwide acting as bots and launch simultaneous attacks on thousands of financial institution and retailer websites. 

Malicious bots are estimated to account for over 30% of all traffic on the internet. 

While large banks have some defenses such as web application firewalls (WAF) that review all data coming into a network, those security tools are designed to make rapid decisions on potential application vulnerabilities. They don’t really offer protection against botnet attacks hiding behind valid usernames and passwords.

Start-up Cequence Security has received $12.5 million in funding since 2016 to fight automated botnet attacks. Its tools are designed to address botnet defense as well as a related productivity problem—the shortage of fraud fighting skills within most financial institution and retailer organizations. 

In recent years, other technology vendors have brought botnet fighting tools to market. However, they typically require in-house personnel to identify every web and mobile application on a network and spend time modifying each one discretely with JavaScript injections and SDK modifications. 

Cequence’s bot fighting tool automates the process of identifying all applications in a network that attract incoming data, including mobile apps and APIs. 

Its security modules can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud in multiple locations yet still be managed as a single application security platform. 

They examine incoming traffic and look at the behavior and intention of the use of valid credentials. Cequence ASP is an open, extensible, distributed software platform that incorporates an analytics engine that combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, and behavioral analysis. It detects and automatically identifies the source, target, and intent of botnet attacks. Mitigation includes blocking, deception rate limiting, and more. 

Cequence offers a tiered subscription-based pricing model starting at $150,000 a year based on 10 million transactions a day.

Franklyn Jones is Chief Marketing Officer at Cequence Security in Sunnyvale, California, (408) 460-6515,,

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