The World’s Top Card Issuers and Merchant Acquirers

The World’s Top Card Issuers and Merchant Acquirers research publication is now in its thirteenth edition and includes 125-pages listing over 1,110 financial institutions in more than 115 countries grouped by region – Asia–Pacific, Canada, Europe, Latin America, United States, and Middle East and Africa.

This report is available as a PDF and the data tables provided in this report are available in Excel format. This much-requested format adds new possibilities for exploring our data.

Industry totals are shown by brand by region: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, UnionPay, Diners Club, Discover, JCB.

For each region, issuers are ranked by purchase volume, total volume and cards for credit and debit cards combined. They are also ranked by those same categories for credit and debit cards separately.

For each region, acquirers are ranked by transactions. Tables show purchase volume, point of sale terminals, and active merchant outlets. They are also ranked by online web transactions as well as volume for all domestic and international brands combined.

Own this key information:

  • The largest issuers in Asia–Pacific, Canada, Europe, Latin America, United States, Middle East and Africa
  • Credit vs. debit cards listed separately
  • Largest 150 credit card portfolios worldwide
  • Maestro issuers worldwide
  • Top acquirers in the United States, Europe, Asia–Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East and Africa (over 285 listed)
  • Pie charts showing market shares of purchase volume by brand for each region
  • Top 300 card issuers worldwide ranked by purchase volume
  • Top 150 credit card issuers worldwide
  • Top 150 debit card issuers worldwide
  • Top 150 acquirers worldwide ranked by transactions
  • Top 150 acquirers worldwide ranked by purchase volume

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Table of Contents

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Global Cards — 2019 (article)
Global Cards in Circulation, Credit & Debit 2019
Global General Purpose Cards — 2019 vs. 2018
Purchase Transactions on Global Cards 2019
Global Credit Cards
Purchase Transactions on Global Cards in 2019
Global Debit & Prepaid Cards 2019
Purchases by Card Type — 2018 vs. 2019
Top 150 Credit Card Issuers Worldwide by Region
Ranked by Outstandings in 2019
Top Card Portfolios Worldwide (article) Largest Credit Card Portfolios Worldwide 2019
Top 300 Issuers Worldwide 2019
Largest Credit Card Issuers by Purchase Volume & Country 2019
Largest Debit Card Issuers by Purchase Volume & Country 2019
Largest Payment Card Issuers Worldwide (article)
Top Issuers of Payment Cards Worldwide 2019
Ranked by Purchase Volume
Largest Maestro Issuers Worldwide (article)
Top 150 Acquirers Worldwide (article)
Largest Maestro Issuers Worldwide 2019
Largest 150 Acquirers Worldwide 2019
Ranked by Number of Transactions
Largest 150 Acquirers Worldwide 2019
Ranked by Purchase Volume

Asia–Pacific General Purpose Cards (article)
Purchase Transactions on Cards Issued in Asia–Pacific
Asia–Pacific General Purpose Cards 2019 vs. 2018
Year-Over-Year Growth/Decline in Purchase Volume
Based on Cards Issued in Asia–Pacific
Asia–Pacific Brand Market Shares and Purchase Volume
Top Card Issuers in Asia–Pacific (article)
Credit Card Issuers in Asia–Pacific 2019
Debit Card Issuers in Asia–Pacific 2019
Top General Purpose/Visa/Mastercard Card Issuers in Asia–Pacific 2019
Asia–Pacific 220 Issuers in 21 Countries
General Purpose & Visa/Mastercard
Asia–Pacific Issuers by Country, Credit vs. Debit 2019
Asia–Pacific’s Largest Acquirers (article)
Asia–Pacific’s Top Acquirers of Web Transactions
Top Acquirers in Asia–Pacific 2019
Largest Merchant Acquirers in Asia–Pacific 2019

Canada General Purpose Cards (article)
Canada Market Shares of Purchase Volume by Brand 2019
Canada General Purpose Cards 2019 vs. 2018
Canada Market Shares of Visa & Mastercard Outstandings 2019
Purchase Volume in Canadian Dollars 2015-2019
Top 23 General Purpose Credit Card Issuers in Canada 2019 Ranked by Outstandings

Europe General Purpose Cards (article)
Purchase Transactions on Cards Issued in Europe
Europe General Purpose Cards 2019 vs. 2018
Year-Over-Year Growth/Decline in Purchase Volume
Based on Cards Issued in Europe
Europe Brand Market Shares and Purchase Volume
Europe’s 50 Largest Credit & Debit Card Issuers (article)
Credit Card Issuers in Europe 2019
Debit Card Issuers in Europe 2019
Top General Purpose/Visa/Mastercard Card Issuers in Europe 2019
Europe 281 Issuers in 44 Countries, General Purpose & V/MC
Europe Issuers by Country, Credit vs. Debit 2019
Europe’s Top Merchant Acquirers (article)
Europe’s Top Acquirers of Web Transactions
Europe’s Top 20 Acquirers 2019 — Ranked by Transactions
Europe’s Top 20 Acquirers in Europe — Ranked by Volume
Largest Merchant Acquirers in Europe 2019

Latin America General Purpose Cards (article)
Purchase Transactions on Cards Issued in Latin America
Latin America General Purpose Cards 2019 vs. 2018
Latin America Brand Market Shares and Purchase Volume
Top Card Issuers in Latin America (article)
Credit Card Issuers in Latin America 2019
Debit Card Issuers in Latin America 2019
Top General Purpose/Visa/Mastercard Card Issuers in Latin America 2019
Latin America 187 Issuers in 25 Countries
General Purpose & Visa/Mastercard
Latin America Issuers by Country, Credit vs. Debit 2019
Latin America’s Largest Acquirers (article)
Latin America’s Top Acquirers of Web Transactions
Top 43 Acquirers in Latin America 2019 Ranked by Volume
Largest Merchant Acquirers in Latin America 2019

Middle East and Africa General Purpose Cards (article)
Purchase Transactions on Cards Issued in the Middle East and Africa
Middle East and Africa General Purpose Cards 2019 vs. 2018
Year-Over-Year Growth/Decline in Purchase Volume
Based on Cards Issued in the Middle East and Africa
Middle East and Africa Brand Market Shares and Purchase Volume
Top Issuers in the Middle East and Africa (article)
Credit Card Issuers in the Middle East and Africa 2019
Debit Card Issuers in the Middle East and Africa 2019
Top General Purpose/Visa/Mastercard Card Issuers in the Middle East and Africa 2019
Middle East and Africa 102 Issuers in 25 Countries
General Purpose & Visa/Mastercard
Middle East and Africa Issuers by Country, Credit vs. Debit 2019
Middle East and Africa’s Largest Acquirers (article)
Largest Merchant Acquirers in Middle East and Africa 2019
Middle East and Africa’s Top Acquirers of Web Transactions
Middle East and Africa’s Top 10 Acquirers 2019 Ranked by Transactions

U.S. General Purpose Cards (article)
Purchase Volume on U.S. General Purpose Cards 2019
U.S. Credit Card Outstandings by Brand
U.S. General Purpose Cards 2019 vs. 2018
Change in Purchase Volume by Card Type 2019 vs. 2018
Market Shares of Purchase Volume on General Purpose Brands in the U.S. 2019 vs. 2002
Visa and Mastercard in the U.S. 2019 (article)
Visa vs. Mastercard Purchase Volume
U.S. General Purpose Credit Cards
U.S. Visa & Mastercard Debit & Prepaid Cards
U.S. Visa & Mastercard Credit, Debit, & Prepaid
Top U.S. Credit Card Issuers (article)
Shares of Purchase Volume for U.S. Credit Card Issuers 2019
Top 20 U.S. Issuers Ranked by Purchase Volume
Top 20 U.S. Issuers Ranked by Outstandings
Top 10 Issuers of U.S. General Purpose Credit Cards 2019
Top U.S. Issuers of Visa, Mastercard, All Credit Cards
Total Volume, and Purchase Transactions
Top 50 U.S. Debit Card Issuers (article)
Market Shares of Purchase Volume for Top U.S. Debit Card Issuers 2019
Top 50 Issuers of U.S. Debit Cards by Purchase Volume
Debit Products Market Shares for Top 50 Issuers
Top 10 U.S. Signature, PIN, and Prepaid Cards
Ranked by Purchase Volume
Top 50 Debit & Prepaid Card Issuers in the U.S.
Ranked by Purchase Volume
United States 296 Issuers, General Purpose & V/MC
United States Credit vs. Debit 2019
U.S. Card Spending at Merchants (article)
Purchases at Merchants on U.S. General Purpose Cards
U.S. Purchase Volume at Merchants 2019
Top U.S. Acquirers (article)
Top Acquirers in the U.S. 2019
Ranked by Purchase Transactions
Top 25 U.S. Acquirers
Ranked by Purchase Volume on General Purpose Cards
U.S. Ecommerce/MOTO Business 2019
Merchant Acquirers in the United States 2019

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Commonwealth, Australia
Westpac Banking, Australia
ANZ Banking, Australia
National Australia, Australia
Citi, Australia
CU Settlement, Australia
HSBC, Australia
Heritage Bank, Australia
ING, Australia
ME Bank, Australia
Optal Australia, Australia
The City Bank, Bangladesh
Eastern Bank, Bangladesh
United Commercial Bank, Bangladesh
Prime Bank, Bangladesh
BRAC Bank, Bangladesh
One Bank, Bangladesh
AEON Specialized Bank, Cambodia
China Construction, China
ICBC, China
Agricultural Bank, China
Bank of China, China
China Merchants, China
Bank of Comm., China
China Everbright, China
China Minsheng, China
China CITIC, China
China Industrial, China
China Guangfa, China
Shanghai Pudong Dev., China
Ping An, China
HuaXia, China
Bank of Beijing, China
HSBC, China
Westpac Pacific, Fiji
ANZ Banking, Fiji
HSBC, Hong Kong
Hang Seng, Hong Kong
BOC Credit Card Intl, Hong Kong
Citibank, Hong Kong
DBS, Hong Kong
Standard Chartered, Hong Kong
Dah Sing, Hong Kong
CCB (Asia) Finance, Hong Kong
Optal Asia, Hong Kong
SBI Card/SBI Bank, India
HDFC, India
ICICI, India
Axis Bank, India
Citibank, India
American Express, India
Kotak Mahindra, India
IndusInd Bank, India
Punjab National, India
RBL (Ratnakar), India
Canara Bank, India
Bank of Baroda, India
Standard Chartered, India
Bank of India, India
Andhra Bank, India
Union Bank, India
IDBI, India
Indian Overseas, India
Central Bank, India
Yes Bank, India
Indian Bank, India
Dena Bank, India
HSBC, India
Syndicate Bank, India
Federal Bank, India
Corporation Bank, India
Bank of Maharashtra, India
Oriental Bank of Comm., India
UCO Bank, India
Vijaya Bank, India
Allahabad Bank, India
Karur Vysya, India
Karnataka Bank, India
United Bank, India
South Indian, India
Jammu & Kashmir, India
City Union, India
Bandhan Bank, India
Tamilnadu Mercantile, India
Paytm Payments Bank, India
DBS, India
Development Credit, India
Punjab and Sind, India
Bank of America, India
IDFC Bank, India
Dhanalakshmi Bank, India
Lakshmi Vilas, India
Deutsche Bank, India
Catholic Syrian, India
Airtel Payments Bank, India
Fino Payments Bank, India
Barclays Bank, India
Aditya Birla Idea Payments Bank, India
Bank Central Asia, Indonesia
Bank Mandiri, Indonesia
Bank Negara, Indonesia
Citibank, Indonesia
DBS, Indonesia
Bank Danamon, Indonesia
Bank Maybank, Indonesia
Permata Bank, Indonesia
KEB Hana, Indonesia
Standard Chartered, Indonesia
Bank Tabungan, Indonesia
Bank Commonwealth, Indonesia
Sumitomo Mitsui Card (inc. Cedyna), Japan
Mitsubishi UFJ Nicos, Japan
Credit Saison, Japan
UC Card, Japan
Aeon Financial Serv., Japan
Toyota Finance, Japan
Orient Corporation, Japan
Epos Card, Japan
SMBC Trust , Japan
JACCS, Japan
Japan Post Bank, Japan
Bankcard Service, Japan
Maybank, Malaysia
Citibank, Malaysia
Hong Leong, Malaysia
CIMB Bank Berhad, Malaysia
RHB Bank, Malaysia
Standard Chartered, Malaysia
MBF Cards/AmBank, Malaysia
Golomt Bank, Mongolia
Trade & Development, Mongolia
Nabil Bank, Nepal
Himalayan Bank, Nepal
ANZ Bank, New Zealand
Bank of New Zealand, New Zealand
Westpac, New Zealand
Kiwibank, New Zealand
TSB, New Zealand
Citibank, Philippines
Metrobank Card, Philippines
Bank of the Philippine Is., Philippines
BDO, Philippines
Philippine National, Philippines
China Banking Corp., Philippines
DBS, Singapore
United Overseas, Singapore
Citibank, Singapore
Overseas-Chinese, Singapore
Maybank, Singapore
Standard Chartered, Singapore
Bank of China, Singapore
Samsung Card, South Korea
KB Kookmin Card, South Korea
Shinhan Card, South Korea
Hyundai Card, South Korea
Lotte Card, South Korea
NongHyup Bank, South Korea
Woori Card, South Korea
KEB Hana Card, South Korea
Industrial Bank, South Korea
Citibank, South Korea
BS Busan, South Korea
SC Korea Bank, South Korea
Nations Trust, Sri Lanka
Sampath Bank, Sri Lanka
HSBC, Sri Lanka
Standard Chartered, Sri Lanka
NDB Bank, Sri Lanka
CTBC, Taiwan
Cathay United, Taiwan
E. Sun Comml, Taiwan
Taishin Intl, Taiwan
Citibank, Taiwan
Taipei Fubon, Taiwan
Union Bank, Taiwan
Bank Sinopac, Taiwan
Yuanta Bank, Taiwan
HSBC, Taiwan
Hua Nan Commercial, Taiwan
Far Eastern Intl, Taiwan
First Commercial, Taiwan
Shin Kong Commercial, Taiwan
American Express, Taiwan
Mega Intl Commercial, Taiwan
Taiwan Cooperative, Taiwan
DBS Bank, Taiwan
Standard Chartered, Taiwan
Rakuten Card, Taiwan
Chang Hwa Commercial, Taiwan
Shanghai Comm. & Svgs., Taiwan
KGI Bank (Cosmos), Taiwan
Taiwan Business, Taiwan
Land Bank, Taiwan
Bank of Taiwan, Taiwan
Taichung Commercial, Taiwan
EnTie Commercial, Taiwan
Jih Sun International, Taiwan
Sunny Bank, Taiwan
Bank of Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Cota Commercial, Taiwan
Aeon Credit Card, Taiwan
Hwatai Bank, Taiwan
Kasikornbank, Thailand
Krungsriayudhya Card (KCC), Thailand
Aeon Thana Sinsap, Thailand
Siam Comml, Thailand
Citibank, Thailand
Bangkok Bank, Thailand
Krungthai Card, Thailand
TMB Bank, Thailand
Krungthai Bank, Thailand
Bank of Ayudhya, Thailand
VietinBank, Vietnam
Sacombank, Vietnam
Vietcombank, Vietnam
BIDV, Vietnam
JACCS, Vietnam
HSBC, Vietnam

TD Bank, Canada
RBC Royal Bank , Canada
CIBC, Canada
Desjardins , Canada
BMO, Canada
Scotiabank , Canada
Capital One, Canada
Canadian Tire, Canada
President’s Choice Financial, Canada
National Bank of Canada, Canada
Walmart, Canada
U.S. Bank, Canada
ATB Financial, Canada
HSBC, Canada
Home Trust, Canada
Laurentian Bank, Canada
Vancity Savings CU, Canada
Rogers Bank, Canada
Bank of America, Canada
Peoples Trust Company, Canada
Citizens Bank of Canada, Canada
Comdata, Canada

ISP Bank, Albania
Raiffeisen Bank, Albania
Credins Bank, Albania
Tirana Bank, Albania
Unibank, Armenia
Card Complete Serv., Austria
Erste Bank, Austria
Raiffeisen Bank Intl, Austria
Santander Consumer, Austria
Intl Bank of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan
Yapi Kredi, Azerbaijan
BPS-Sberbank, Belarus
Belgazprombank, Belarus
Priorbank, Belarus
BNP Paribas Fortis, Belgium
Belfius Bank, Belgium
KBC Bank, Belgium
CBC Banque, Belgium
Santander CF Benelux, Belgium
Raiffeisen Bank , Bosnia & Herzegovina
UniCredit Bank , Bosnia & Herzegovina
ISP Bank, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Sparkasse Bank, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Addiko Bank Banjaluka, Bosnia & Herzegovina
Addiko Bank Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
UniCredit Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina
UniCredit Bulbank, Bulgaria
DSK Bank, Bulgaria
First Investment Bank, Bulgaria
Piraeus Bank, Bulgaria
PBZ, Croatia
Zagrebacka Banka, Croatia
Erste & Steiermarkische, Croatia
Erste Card Club, Croatia
OTP, Croatia
Addiko Bank , Croatia
Hrvatska Postanska Banka, Croatia
Bank of Cyprus, Cyprus
Ceska Sporitelna, Czech Republic
CSOB, Czech Republic
Komercni Banka, Czech Republic
Air Bank, Czech Republic
Raiffeisenbank, Czech Republic
Moneta, Czech Republic
UniCredit Bank, Czech Republic
Danske Bank, Denmark
Handelsbanken, Denmark
Jyske Bank, Denmark
EnterCard Denmark, Denmark
Nykredit Bank, Denmark
Sydbank, Denmark
Santander Consumer, Denmark
Swedbank, Estonia
SEB Pank, Estonia
OP-Pohjola Group, Finland
SEB Kort, Finland
Danske Bank, Finland
Handelsbanken, Finland
Crédit Agricole, France
BPCE, France
Credit Mutuel, France
La Banque Postale, France
BNP Paribas, France
Societe Generale, France
Market Pay, France
HSBC, France
Bank of Georgia, Georgia
TBC Bank, Georgia
Airplus Intl, Germany
Landesbank Berlin, Germany
Deutsche Bank, Germany
DZ Bank, Germany
Commerzbank, Germany
Deutsche Postbank, Germany
BW-Bank, Germany
Barclaycard, Germany
Santander/SCF, Germany
Advanzia Bank Group, Germany
HypoVereinsbank (UniCredit), Germany
Frankfurter Sparkasse, Germany
Targobank, Germany
Hamburger Sparkasse, Germany
Volkswagen Bank, Germany
Consorsbank/DAB , Germany
Hanseatic Bank, Germany
Bankverein Werther , Germany
Piraeus Bank, Greece
National Bank, Greece
Alpha Bank, Greece
Eurobank Ergasias, Greece
OTP Bank, Hungary
Erste Bank, Hungary
CIB, Hungary
UniCredit Bank, Hungary
K&H Bank, Hungary
MKB Bank, Hungary
Landsbankinn, Iceland
Islandsbanki, Iceland
Arion banki , Iceland
Allied Irish Bank, Ireland
Bank of Ireland, Ireland
AvantCard, Ireland
Permanent Bank TSB, Ireland
Ulster Bank, Ireland
KBC Bank, Ireland
Nexi Payments, Italy
Intesa Sanpaolo, Italy
BancoPosta, Italy
UniCredit, Italy
FinecoBank , Italy
Deutsche Bank, Italy
Banca di Sassari, Italy
Banca Popolare di Milano, Italy
Credem, Italy
Findomestic, Italy
BNL Grupo BNP Paribas, Italy
Compass, Italy
Agos Ducato, Italy
Santander Consumer, Italy
Halyk Bank, Kazakhstan
Eurasian Bank, Kazakhstan
Swedbank, Latvia
SEB Banka, Latvia
Luminor (DnB Banka), Latvia
Citadele Banka, Latvia
Swedbank, Lithuania
SEB Bank, Lithuania
Luminor (DNB Bankas), Lithuania
Siauliu Bank, Lithuania
BGL BNP Paribas, Luxembourg
Komercijalna Banka, Macedonia
Addiko Bank, Montenegro
ING Group, Netherlands
Rabobank, Netherlands
ABN Amro/ICS, Netherlands
Santander CF Benelux, Netherlands
DNB, Norway
Danske Bank, Norway
EnterCard, Norway
SEB Kort, Norway
Santander Consumer, Norway
PKO Bank, Poland
Santander Bank Polska (Zachodni), Poland
Bank Pekao, Poland
ING Bank Slaski, Poland
Millennium Bank, Poland
Alior Bank, Poland
Citi Handlowy, Poland
BGZ BNP Paribas, Poland
Credit Agricole, Poland
Santander Consumer, Poland
Caixa Geral de Dep., Portugal
Millennium BCP, Portugal
Santander Totta, Portugal
Novo Banco, Portugal
Unicre, Portugal
BBVA, Portugal
Cetelem/BNP Paribas PF, Portugal
Santander Consumer, Portugal
Banca Transilvania, Romania
BCR, Romania
BRD, Romania
Raiffeisen Bank, Romania
UniCredit Tiriac, Romania
GarantiBank, Romania
Alpha Bank, Romania
Credit Europe , Romania
Piraeus Bank, Romania
ISP Bank, Romania
Sberbank, Russia
VTB Bank, Russia
Russian Standard, Russia
Alfa-Bank, Russia
Tinkoff Bank, Russia
Uralsib, Russia
Gazprombank, Russia
Raiffeisenbank, Russia
UniCredit Bank, Russia
Promsvyazbank, Russia
Rosbank, Russia
Credit Europe, Russia
Home Credit & Finance, Russia
Bank Vozrozhdenie, Russia
Pochta Bank, Russia
B&N Bank/MDM, Russia
OTP Bank, Russia
SMP Bank, Russia
Banca Intesa, Russia
Sovcombank (RosEuroBank), Russia
BIB, Serbia
Erste Bank, Serbia
Societe Generale Banka, Serbia
UniCredit Bank, Serbia
Aik Banka, Serbia
Addiko Bank Beograd, Serbia
Direktna Banka, Serbia
Slovenska Sporitelna, Slovakia
Tatra Banka, Slovakia
VUB, Slovakia
UniCredit Bank, Slovakia
Abanka Vipa, Slovenia
UniCredit Bank , Slovenia
Intesa Sanpaolo (Banka Koper), Slovenia
SKB Banka, Slovenia
Addiko Bank, Slovenia
Erste Card (ECC), Slovenia
CaixaCard, Spain
BBVA, Spain
Banco Santander, Spain
Bankia, Spain
Banc Sabadell, Spain
WiZink , Spain
Bankinter, Spain
Santander Consumer, Spain
Open Bank, Spain
Diners Club, Spain
AvantCard/EVO Banco, Spain
Swedbank, Sweden
Nordea, Sweden
SEB Kort, Sweden
Svenska Handelsbanken, Sweden
Lansforsakringar, Sweden
EnterCard, Sweden
Danske Bank, Sweden
Santander Consumer, Sweden
UBS, Switzerland
PostFinance, Switzerland
Credit Suisse, Switzerland
Viseca Card Serv., Switzerland
Raiffeisen, Switzerland
Corner Bank/Bonus Card, Switzerland
Cembra Money Bank, Switzerland
Migros Bank, Switzerland
Garanti Bank, Turkey
Yapi Kredi Bankasi, Turkey
T. Is Bank, Turkey
Akbank, Turkey
QNB Finansbank, Turkey
VakifBank, Turkey
DenizBank, Turkey
HSBC, Turkey
TEB, Turkey
Ziraat Bankasi, Turkey
Halkbank, Turkey
Odea Bank, Turkey
ICBC Turkey, Turkey
PrivatBank, Ukraine
Alfa-Bank, Ukraine
Oschadbank, Ukraine
Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Ukraine
Ukrsotsbank, Ukraine
First Ukrainian Intl, Ukraine
Ukrgasbank, Ukraine
Prominvestbank, Ukraine
Pravex Bank, Ukraine
Creditwest Bank, Ukraine
Lloyds Banking/MBNA, United Kingdom
RBS/NatWest, United Kingdom
Barclays, United Kingdom
HSBC, United Kingdom
Santander Cards, United Kingdom
Nationwide Bldg. Soc., United Kingdom
TSB, United Kingdom
Tesco Bank, United Kingdom
Clydesdale Bank, United Kingdom
Optal Financial, United Kingdom
Co-operative Bank, United Kingdom
Capital One, United Kingdom
NewDay Cards, United Kingdom
Prepaid Financial Services (PFS) , United Kingdom
Wirecard Card Sol., United Kingdom
PSI-Pay, United Kingdom
Virgin Money, United Kingdom
Vanquis Bank, United Kingdom
Bank of Ireland, United Kingdom
Cashplus, United Kingdom
C. Hoare & Co., United Kingdom
Kalixa Pay, United Kingdom
PPRO Financial, United Kingdom
Bank Ipak Yuli, Uzbekistan

Banco Santander Rio, Argentina
Banco Galicia, Argentina
Banco Provincia, Argentina
BBVA Frances, Argentina
Banco Macro, Argentina
Banco de la Nacion, Argentina
ICBC, Argentina
HSBC, Argentina
Banco Patagonia, Argentina
BSF, Argentina
Banco Hipotecario, Argentina
Banco Credicoop, Argentina
Nuevo Banco de Santa Fe, Argentina
Banco Superville, Argentina
Banco de Cordoba, Argentina
Banco Ciudad, Argentina
Banco Comafi, Argentina
Nuevo Banco del Chaco, Argentina
Banco del Tucumán, Argentina
Banco Itau, Argentina
Banco Santiago del Estero, Argentina
Banco de la Pampa, Argentina
Banco de Corrientes, Argentina
Cordial Compañía Financiera, Argentina
Banco Piano, Argentina
Nuevo Banco de Entre Rios, Argentina
Banco Columbia, Argentina
BPN, Argentina
Efectivo Si, Argentina
Banco de San Juan, Argentina
Banco del Chubut, Argentina
Banco Saenz, Argentina
Banco de Formosa, Argentina
Banco Industrial, Argentina
Banco Mun. de Rosario, Argentina
Montemar Compañia Financiera, Argentina
Banco de Santa Cruz, Argentina
BTF, Argentina
Banco Bica, Argentina
Banco Cetelem, Argentina
Banco Rioja, Argentina
Banco de Servicios y Transacciones, Argentina
Banco Coinag , Argentina
Finandino Compañia Financiera, Argentina
Wilobank, Argentina
Banco Masventas, Argentina
Banco Roela, Argentina
Banco de Comercio , Argentina
Banco de la Rep. Oriental, Argentina
Banco del Sol, Argentina
Credit Regional Compañía Financiera, Argentina
Banco Mariva, Argentina
Banco Meridian, Argentina
Banco Julio, Argentina
Brubank , Argentina
RBC Financial, Bahamas
Fidelity Bank, Bahamas
CIBC FirstCaribbean Intl, Barbados
RBC FInancial, Barbados
First Citizens Bank, Barbados
HSBC Bank, Bermuda
Bank of N.T. Butterfield, Bermuda
Capital G Bank, Bermuda
Banco Nacional de Bolivia, Bolivia
Banco Mercantil Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Banco Economico, Bolivia
Itau Unibanco, Brazil
Banco Bradesco, Brazil
Banco do Brasil, Brazil
Banco Santander, Brazil
Caixa Economica Fed., Brazil
Banco CSF, Brazil
Alelo, Brazil
Nubank, Brazil
Cetelem, Brazil
Banco Cooperativo, Brazil
Cartao BRB, Brazil
Banco Banrisul, Brazil
Banco Pan, Brazil
Banco Inter, Brazil
Banco BMG, Brazil
Agillitas Sol. de Pag., Brazil
RBC Financial, Cayman Islands
Fidelity Bank, Cayman Islands
Banco Santander, Chile
BancoEstado, Chile
Banco de Chile, Chile
Banco de Credito e Inver., Chile
Scotiabank, Chile
Itau CorpBanca, Chile
Banco Falabella, Chile
CAT Administradora de Tarjetas, Chile
Banco Ripley, Chile
Banco Security, Chile
Banco Bice, Chile
Coopeuch, Chile
Banco Consorcio, Chile
Banco Internacional, Chile
Bancolombia, Colombia
Banco Davivienda, Colombia
Scotiabank Colpatria, Colombia
Banco de Bogota, Colombia
BBVA, Colombia
Banco Caja Social, Colombia
Banco Falabella, Colombia
Banco Coml. AV Villas, Colombia
Banco Corpbanca, Colombia
Banco de Occidente, Colombia
Comp. de Finan. Tuya, Colombia
Banco Popular, Colombia
Banco GNB Sudameris, Colombia
Banco Agrario, Colombia
Banco Coomeva, Colombia
Serfinansa, Colombia
Banco Finandina, Colombia
Banco Coopcentral, Colombia
Financiera Juriscoop, Colombia
Banco Pichincha, Colombia
GyF, Colombia
Confiar Coop. Finan., Colombia
Banco Mundo Mujer, Colombia
Cotrafa, Colombia
Bancamia, Colombia
CFA, Colombia
Banco ProCredit, Colombia
Coltefinanciera, Colombia
Coofinep, Colombia
Macrofinanciera, Colombia
BAC Credomatic Network, Group, Costa Rica
Banco Nacional, Costa Rica
Banco de Costa Rica, Costa Rica
Davivienda, Costa Rica
Banco Lafise, Costa Rica
Banco Popular y de Desarrollo, Costa Rica
Maduro & Curiel’s, Curacao
RBC Royal Bank, Curacao
Banco Popular, Dominican Republic
Banco BHD, Dominican Republic
Scotiabank, Dominican Republic
Banco del Progreso, Dominican Republic
Diners Club, Ecuador
Banco Pichincha, Ecuador
Banco del Pacifico, Ecuador
Banco Agricola, El Salvador
Davivienda, El Salvador
Banco de Desarrollo Rural, Guatemala
Banco Agromercantil, Guatemala
Banco G&T Continental, Guatemala
Banco Promerica, Guatemala
Bantrab, Guatemala
Banco Atlantida, Honduras
Banco del Pais, Honduras
Banco Davivienda, Honduras
Banco Lafise, Honduras
Banco Hondureno del Cafe, Honduras
Bank of Nova Scotia, Jamaica
BBVA Bancomer, Mexico
Citibanamex, Mexico
Banco Santander, Mexico
Banorte, Mexico
HSBC, Mexico
Inbursa, Mexico
Scotiabank, Mexico
Banco Invex, Mexico
BanBajio, Mexico
Banco Lafise Bancentro, Nicaragua
Banco General, Panama
Banistmo, Panama
Global Bank Corp., Panama
Itau, Paraguay
BBVA, Paraguay
Banco de Credito BCP, Peru
BBVA Continental, Peru
Interbank, Peru
Scotiabank, Peru
Banco de la Nacion, Peru
Banco GNB, Peru
Banco Popular, Puerto Rico
FirstBank, Puerto Rico
Banco Santander, Puerto Rico
Oriental Bank, Puerto Rico
RBC Royal Bank, Puerto Rico
Republic Bank, Trinidad & Tobago
Banco Santander, Trinidad & Tobago
Banco de la Repub. Oriental, Uruguay
Banco Itau, Uruguay
BBVA, Uruguay

Banco de Fomento, Angola
Standard Chartered, Bahrain
CrediMax, Bahrain
Bahrain Credit, Bahrain
Al Salam Bank-Bahrain (BMI), Bahrain
National Bank, Egypt
QNB Alahli, Egypt
Commercial Intl Bank, Egypt
Alex Bank, Egypt
Banque du Caire , Egypt
Crédit Agricole, Egypt
Banque Misr, Egypt
Arab Banking Corp., Egypt
ABK Egypt, Egypt
Dashen Bank, Ethiopia
IsraCard, Israel
Israel Credit Cards, Israel
Leumi Card, Israel
Arab Bank, Jordan
Housing Bank for Trade & Fin., Jordan
Jordan Islamic, Jordan
Cairo Amman, Jordan
Jordan Kuwait, Jordan
Arab Banking Corp., Jordan
Arab Jordan Invest. Bank, Jordan
Co-Operative Bank, Kenya
Kenya Commercial, Kenya
Standard Chartered, Kenya
I&M Bank, Kenya
Equity Bank, Kenya
Natl Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait
Kuwait Finance House, Kuwait
Boubyan Bank, Kuwait
Gulf Bank, Kuwait
Commercial Bank, Kuwait
Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait
Ahli United Bank, Kuwait
Bank Audi, Lebanon
Blom Bank, Lebanon
Credit Libanais, Lebanon
BankMed, Lebanon
BBAC, Lebanon
BFV, Madagascar
Mauritius Comml Bank, Mauritius
State Bank of Mauritius, Mauritius
AfrAsia Bank, Mauritius
Banque Centrale Populaire, Morocco
Attijariwafa Bank, Morocco
BMCE Bank, Morocco
BCI, Mozambique
Millennium BIM, Mozambique
FirstBank, Nigeria
United Bank for Africa, Nigeria
Access Bank, Nigeria
Guaranty Trust, Nigeria
Ecobank Group, Nigeria
Zenith Bank, Nigeria
Diamond Bank, Nigeria
Keystone Bank, Nigeria
Unity Bank, Nigeria
Bank Dhofar, Oman
Sohar Intl, Oman
Habib Bank, Pakistan
MCB Bank, Pakistan
Bank Alfalah, Pakistan
Faysal Bank, Pakistan
Silkbank, Pakistan
JS Bank, Pakistan
Bank of Palestine, Palestine
Qatar National Bank, Qatar
Doha Bank, Qatar
Al Rajhi Bank, Saudi Arabia
Natl Commercial , Saudi Arabia
Arab National Bank, Saudi Arabia
Riyad Bank, Saudi Arabia
Samba Financial, Saudi Arabia
SABB, Saudi Arabia
Bank AlJazira, Saudi Arabia
Alawwal Bank, Saudi Arabia
SAIB, Saudi Arabia
Mauritius Comml Bank, Seychelles
Seychelles Comml Bank, Seychelles
Standard Bank, South Africa
First Natl Bank, South Africa
Absa Bank, South Africa
Nedbank, South Africa
Grindrod Bank, South Africa
Investec Specialist, South Africa
Capitec, South Africa
Postbank, South Africa
Bidvest Bank, South Africa
African Bank, South Africa
Mercantile Bank, South Africa
Arab Banking Corp., Tunisia
Emirates NBD, United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi Comm., United Arab Emirates
First Abu Dhabi Bank, United Arab Emirates
Dubai Islamic, United Arab Emirates
Mashreq Bank, United Arab Emirates
Standard Chartered, United Arab Emirates
Dubai First, United Arab Emirates
Natl Bank of Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
CAC Bank, Yemen
Steward Bank, Zimbabwe

JPMorgan Chase, U.S.
American Express, U.S.
Bank of America, U.S.
Wells Fargo, U.S.
Citibank, U.S.
Capital One, U.S.
U.S. Bank, U.S.
Discover, U.S.
PNC Bank, U.S.
Barclays Bank, U.S.
TD Bank, U.S.
Navy FCU, U.S.
Synchrony Financial, U.S.
ICBA Bancard, U.S.
Regions Bank, U.S.
BB&T, U.S.
SunTrust Bank, U.S.
The Bancorp Bank, U.S.
Fifth Third Bank, U.S.
MetaBank, U.S.
Citizens Bank, U.S.
Comdata, U.S.
Huntington Natl, U.S.
Comerica Bank, U.S.
KeyBank, U.S.
Green Dot , U.S.
First Natl of Nebraska, U.S.
M&T Bank, U.S.
BMO Harris, U.S.
Cabela's WFB, U.S.
State Empl. CU (N.C.), U.S.
Commerce Bank, U.S.
BBVA Compass, U.S.
Alliance Data , U.S.
UMB Bank, U.S.
Bank of the West, U.S.
Zions Bancorporation, U.S.
Santander Bank, U.S.
Arvest Bank, U.S.
First Citizens Bank, U.S.
Axos Bank, U.S.
TCF Financial, U.S.
MUFG Union Bank, U.S.
Credit One Bank, U.S.
America First CU, U.S.
SchoolsFirst FCU, U.S.
Golden 1 CU, U.S.
Suncoast CU, U.S.
First Tennessee, U.S.
Randolph Brooks FCU, U.S.
MB Financial Bank, U.S.
VyStar CU, U.S.
Mountain America CU, U.S.
People's United Bank, U.S.
Hancock Whitney Bank, U.S.
Frost Bank, U.S.
FirstBank (Colo.), U.S.
Webster Bank (incl. HSA), U.S.
Synovus Bank, U.S.
State Farm Bank, U.S.
Silicon Valley Bank, U.S.
PenFed CU, U.S.
Associated Bank, U.S.
BancorpSouth, U.S.
First Hawaiian, U.S.
Alaska USA FCU, U.S.
IBC Bank, U.S.
Merrick Bank, U.S.
Security Service FCU, U.S.
BOK Financial, U.S.
Umpqua Bank, U.S.
Redstone FCU, U.S.
TIB (Texas), U.S.
Sutton Bank, U.S.
Delta Community CU, U.S.
San Diego Cty. CU, U.S.
First Tech FCU, U.S.
IberiaBank, U.S.
Desert Financial FCU, U.S.
Central Bank (Mo.), U.S.
Simmons Bank, U.S.
UBS Bank USA, U.S.
Old National Bank, U.S.
OnPoint Community CU, U.S.
Bank of Hawaii, U.S.
Trustmark Natl Bank, U.S.
Members 1st FCU, U.S.
BancFirst, U.S.
Redwood CU, U.S.
Premier Bancard, U.S.
First Midwest Bank, U.S.
City Natl Bank (Calif.), U.S.
MidFlorida CU, U.S.
Wright-Patt CU, U.S.
Michigan State Univ. FCU, U.S.
Digital FCU, U.S.
University FCU (Texas), U.S.
Ent CU, U.S.
State Empl. FCU (N.Y.), U.S.
Space Coast CU, U.S.
Arrowhead CU, U.S.
Patelco CU, U.S.
Fulton Financial, U.S.
Wescom CU, U.S.
Safe CU (Calif.), U.S.
Northwest Bank, U.S.
Municipal CU, U.S.
Virginia CU, U.S.
Arizona FCU, U.S.
Wings Financial CU, U.S.
GTE Financial CU, U.S.
Affinity Plus FCU, U.S.
Bethpage FCU, U.S.
First Financial (Ohio), U.S.
Grow Financial FCU, U.S.
SECU (Md.), U.S.
Educat. Empl. CU (Calif.), U.S.
Coastal CU, U.S.
Sunrise Banks, U.S.
Ascend FCU, U.S.
Heartland Financial USA, U.S.
Eastman CU, U.S.
Logix FCU, U.S.
Teachers CU (Ind.), U.S.
South State Bank, U.S.
E*Trade Bank, U.S.
Hudson Valley FCU, U.S.
South Carolina FCU, U.S.
RBC Bank (Ga.), U.S.
N.Y. Community Bancorp, U.S.
Bremer Bank, U.S.
First Financial (Ind.), U.S.
American Svgs. (Hawaii), U.S.
Rockland Trust, U.S.
Citadel FCU, U.S.
Langley FCU, U.S.
Elevations CU, U.S.
Bellco CU, U.S.
Tower FCU, U.S.
1st Source Bank, U.S.
Alliant CU, U.S.
OneAZ CU, U.S.
Eastern Bank, U.S.
Keesler FCU, U.S.
Kern Schools FCU, U.S.
DFCU Financial, U.S.
LegacyTexas, U.S.
First Arkansas B&T, U.S.
Partners FCU, U.S.
First Comm. CU (Mo.), U.S.
Empower FCU, U.S.
Kinecta FCU, U.S.
United FCU, U.S.
Astoria Bank, U.S.
American Heritage FCU, U.S.
Washington Trust, U.S.
WSFS Bank, U.S.
Republic Pymt. Solutions, U.S.
Sound CU, U.S.
Tinker FCU, U.S.
Intrust Bank, U.S.
Mission FCU, U.S.
Oregon Community CU, U.S.
Chartway FCU, U.S.
Schools Financial CU, U.S.
Rabobank, U.S.
City National (W. Va.), U.S.
Metro. Comm'l Bank, U.S.
Landmark Bank, U.S.
Robins FCU, U.S.
Westamerica Bancorp, U.S.
Travis CU, U.S.
One Nevada CU, U.S.
Capitol Federal Svgs., U.S.
Credit Shop, U.S.
Pen Air FCU, U.S.
Founders FCU, U.S.
Summit CU, U.S.
First Bank (Mo.), U.S.
Bank-Fund Staff FCU, U.S.
Altra FCU, U.S.
BMW Bank, U.S.
Popular, U.S.
Purdue FCU, U.S.
Fairwinds CU, U.S.
Dollar Bank, U.S.
Northwest FCU, U.S.
Broadway Bank, U.S.
Vantage CU, U.S.
Univ. of Wisconsin CU, U.S.
Unify Financial CU, U.S.
Commun. First CU (Fla.), U.S.
1st Financial Bank, U.S.
The Provident Bank, U.S.
TruWest CU, U.S.
Associated CU, U.S.
Tyndall FCU, U.S.
Denali Alaskan FCU, U.S.
Clearview FCU, U.S.
Credit Union of Texas, U.S.
California CU, U.S.
Anheuser Busch CU, U.S.
TMG Financial Serv., U.S.
Central Pacific Bank, U.S.
Credit Human FCU, U.S.
First Natl Bank Alaska, U.S.
Educators CU (Wisc.), U.S.
Credit Union 1, U.S.
West Suburban Bank, U.S.
San Mateo CU, U.S.
Police and Fire FCU, U.S.
Texans CU, U.S.
Univ. of Kentucky FCU, U.S.
Sandy Spring Bank, U.S.
Southside Bank, U.S.
Continental Finance, U.S.
Georgia's Own CU, U.S.
Spokane Teachers CU, U.S.
Arkansas FCU, U.S.
Los Angeles Police FCU, U.S.
Farm Bureau Bank, U.S.
Veridian CU, U.S.
Orrstown Bank, U.S.
Royal CU, U.S.
Neighborhood CU, U.S.
Nordstrom, U.S.
Park National Bank, U.S.
Nassau Educators FCU, U.S.
Lake Michigan CU, U.S.
Apple FCU, U.S.
Univ. of Iowa Comm. CU, U.S.
Fremont Bank, U.S.
Nusenda CU, U.S.
Idaho Central CU, U.S.
Service CU, U.S.
CenterState Bank, U.S.
Amalgamated Bank (Ill.), U.S.
Credit Union of Colorado, U.S.
Provident CU (CA), U.S.
Affinity FCU, U.S.
Andrews FCU, U.S.
CommunityAmerica CU, U.S.
TwinStar CU, U.S.
Cap Com FCU, U.S.
Landmark CU, U.S.
First Century Bank, U.S.
Hapo Comm. CU, U.S.
Lake Trust CU, U.S.
BayPort CU, U.S.
Atlanta Postal CU, U.S.
Vantage West CU, U.S.
Northeast CU, U.S.
American National Bank, U.S.
HealthCare Assoc. CU, U.S.
Numerica CU, U.S.
Svgs. Bank Mendo. Cty., U.S.
Citizens & Northern Bank, U.S.
TruMark Financial CU, U.S.
American Eagle FCU, U.S.
Inspirus CU, U.S.
State Dept. FCU, U.S.
Community First CU (WI), U.S.
Commonwealth CU, U.S.
NCMIC Finance Corp., U.S.
Truliant FCU, U.S.
Firefly CU, U.S.
Central Bank of Kansas City, U.S.
DuPont Community CU, U.S.
Sharonview FCU, U.S.
IBM SE Employees' FCU, U.S.
Ameriprise Bank, U.S.
First Financial FCU (Calif.), U.S.
Wright Patman Congr. FCU, U.S.
First Covenant Bank, U.S.
Deserve, U.S.
Clinton Natl Bank, U.S.
TIAA Bank, U.S.
Bankers Trust Co., U.S.
Bay Bank, U.S.

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BC Card, South Korea
Westpac, Australia
KB Kookmin, South Korea
ANZ Merchant Serv., Australia
Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS, Japan
Natl. Australia Bank, Australia
Commonwealth, Australia
ICICI Merchant Serv., India
Samsung Card, South Korea
Hyundai Card, South Korea
Aeon Financial Serv., Japan
Credit Saison, Japan
Wirecard, Singapore
CTBC, Taiwan
Worldpay, Singapore
ANZ Bank, New Zealand
Global Payments, Hong Kong
NCCC, Taiwan
SBI Payment Services, India
Bank Mandiri, Indonesia
Hang Seng, Hong Kong
Orient Corp., Japan
HDFC, India
Axis Bank, India
E. Sun Comm. Bank, Taiwan
First Data Merchant Sol., Singapore
First Data Merchant Serv., Australia
GHL Systems, Malaysia
The City Bank, Bangladesh
Sacombank, Vietnam
Vietcombank, Vietnam
Trade and Dev. Bank, Mongolia
China UMS, China
JCB, Japan

Elavon, Canada
Moneris, Canada
Desjardins, Canada
Global Payments, Canada
TD Merchant Sol., Canada

Sberbank, Russia
Worldpay, United Kingdom
Barclays, United Kingdom
Credit Agricole, France
Credit Mutuel, France
JPMorgan Commerce Sol., Ireland
Swedbank, Sweden
Nets, Denmark
Elavon, Ireland
Evo Payments Intl, Germany
Worldline, France
BPCE, France
BNP Paribas, France
Societe Generale, France
Comercia Global Payments, Spain
Global Payments, United Kingdom
VTB Bank, Russia
Nexi Payments, Italy
Garanti Bank, Turkey
Intesa Sanpaolo, Italy
Lloyds Bank Cardnet MS, United Kingdom
Raiffeisen Bank (Group), Austria
First Data Polska, Poland
Yapi Kredi Bank, Turkey
T. Isbank, Turkey
UniCredit, Italy
AIB Merchant Services, Ireland
Banco de Sabadell, Spain
Market Pay, France
BBVA, Spain
Akbank, Turkey
Handelsbanken, Sweden
Gazprombank, Russia
La Banque Postale, France
Bambora, Sweden
Unicre, Portugal
Concardis, Germany
Payone, Germany
Santander España MS, Spain
Bankia, Spain
CSOB, Czech Republic
BofA Merrill Lynch MS, United Kingdom
Russian Standard Bank, Russia
Valitor, Iceland
Global Payments, Czech Republic
T. Halk Bankasi, Turkey
U.C.S, Russia
SEB Group, Estonia
Vakifbank, Turkey
Tinkoff Bank, Russia
Borgun, Iceland
T.C Ziraat Bankasi, Turkey
QNB Finansbank, Turkey
Piraeus Bank, Greece
Alfa Bank, Russia
National Bank, Greece
Card Complete, Austria
Turk Ekonomi Bankasi, Turkey
Alpha Bank, Greece
Denizbank, Turkey
EMS, Netherlands
KB Smart Pay, Czech Republic
Provredna Banka, Croatia
BNL Positivity, Italy
Promsvyazbank, Russia
Kutxabank, Spain
Ingenico Payment Serv., Germany
Unicaja, Spain
Credorax, Malta
JCC Payment Systems, Cyprus
SafeCharge, Cyprus
HSBC, Turkey
Ibercaja, Spain
Luminor, Estonia
Citadele Bank, Latvia
Abanka, Slovenia
Ukrsotsbank, Ukraine
Liberbank, Spain
Europabank, Belgium
Cash Flows, United Kingdom
CardProcess, Germany
CIB, Hungary
Belgazprombank, Belarus
Alfa-Bank, Ukraine
PrivatBank, Ukraine
DSK Bank, Bulgaria
First Investment Bank , Bulgaria
Piraeus Bank, Romania
Worldline, Czech Republic

Cielo, Brazil
Rede, Brazil
Getnet, Brazil
BBVA Bancomer, Mexico
Transbank, Chile
Prisma Med. de Pago, Argentina
PagSeguro, Brazil
StoneCo, Brazil
Serv. de Pago Citibanamex–EVO, Mexico
BAC Credomatic Network, Group, Costa Rica
First Data, Argentina
Banorte, Mexico
VisaNet, Peru
Evertec Group, Puerto Rico
Elavon/Santander, Mexico
Bancolombia, Colombia
HSBC, Mexico
Vero, Brazil
CardNet, Dominican Republic
Banco Davivienda, Colombia
Banco Inbursa, Mexico
Servicios Digitales Popular, Dominican Republic
Banco Nacional, Costa Rica
BCR, Costa Rica
Banco de Occidente, Colombia
Procesos de Medios de Pago, Peru
Bancard, Paraguay
Scotiabank, Mexico
BBVA, Colombia
Banco del Pacifico, Ecuador
Banco Caja Social, Colombia
Diners Club, Ecuador
Banco Agricola, El Salvador
Firstbank, Puerto Rico
Scotiabank, Puerto Rico
FirstCaribbean Int’l Bank, Barbados
National Commercial Bank, Jamaica
Banco General, Panama
VisaNet, Dominican Republic
Maduro & Curiel’s, Curacao
Republic Bank Limited, Trinidad & Tobago
Elavon/Santander, Puerto Rico
Banco de Bogota, Colombia

Absa Bank/Barclays, South Africa
First Natl Bank, South Africa
Standard Bank, South Africa
Network Intl, United Arab Emirates
Nedbank, South Africa
Mashreq Bank, United Arab Emirates
First Abu Dhabi Bank , United Arab Emirates
CMI, Morocco
Natl Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait
Kuwait Finance House, Kuwait
Qatar Natl Bank, Qatar
Mercantile Bank, South Africa
Commercial Intl Bank, Egypt
Mauritius Comml Bank, Mauritius
Commercial Bank, Kuwait
Areeba, Lebanon
Arab African Intl Bank, Egypt
Gulf Bank, Kuwait
SABB, Saudi Arabia
Banque Misr, Egypt
Bank Alfalah, Pakistan
Natl Commercial Bank, Saudi Arabia
Doha Bank, Qatar
Al Rajhi Bank, Saudi Arabia
Equity Bank, Kenya
Credit Libanais, Lebanon
Riyad Bank, Saudi Arabia
Arab National Bank, Saudi Arabia
BankMed, Lebanon
Alawwal Bank, Saudi Arabia
SAIB, Saudi Arabia
Co-Operative Bank, Kenya
FirstBank, Nigeria
Behpardakht Mellat, Iran
Saman e-Pay, Iran
Asan Pardakht Persian, Iran
Parsian E-Commerce, Iran
Iran Kish Credit Card Co., Iran
Sadad Informatics, Iran
Pasargad Elec. Payment, Iran
Fanava Card, Iran
Pardakht Novin Arian, Iran
Sayan Card, Iran
Sepehr Electronic Payment, Iran

Chase, U.S.
Bank of America, U.S.
Worldpay, U.S.
Wells Fargo, U.S.
Global Payments, U.S.
First Data, U.S.
Elavon, U.S.
Citi Merchant Serv., U.S.
PNC Merchant Services, U.S.
Merrick Bank, U.S.
No. American Bancard, U.S.
Priority Payment Sys., U.S.
EVO Payments Intl, U.S.
SunTrust Merchant Serv., U.S.
Intuit, U.S.
First Amer. Pymt. Sys., U.S.
iPayment, U.S.
BB&T, U.S.
Paysafe, U.S.
Santander, U.S.
Merchants e-Solutions, U.S.
Paya, U.S.
Shift4Payments, U.S.
Cayan, U.S.
Clearent, U.S.
Nuvei Technologies, U.S.
Redwood Merch. Serv., U.S.
KeyBank, U.S.
i3 Verticals, U.S.
Electronic Payments, U.S.
Gravity Payments, U.S.
Titanium Payments, U.S.
M&T Bank, U.S.
Payroc, U.S.
Commerce Bancshares, U.S.
TD, U.S.
Newtek Merchant Sol., U.S.
JetPay Corporation, U.S.
Basys Processing, U.S.
Epicor Software, U.S.
BankCard Services, U.S.
First Hawaiian, U.S.
First Citizens Bank, U.S.
Rectangle Health, U.S.
United Merchant Serv., U.S.
Comml Bank of California, U.S.
Complete Merch. Sol., U.S.
Electronic Merchant Sys., U.S.
Paragon Payment Sol., U.S.
Approval Payment Sol., U.S.
TransFund Merch. Serv., U.S.
Fulton Merchant Card Serv., U.S.
Bank of Hawaii, U.S.
UMS Banking, U.S.
eVance Processing, U.S.
BankCard USA, U.S.
Mainstream Merch. Serv., U.S.
C&H Financial Serv., U.S.
NCMIC Finance Corp., U.S.
APS Payments, U.S.
Umpqua Bank, U.S.
Hancock Whitney Bank, U.S.
Security BankCard, U.S.
Intrix Technology, U.S.
Apogee Pymt. Syst., U.S.
Defyne Payments, U.S.

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Cards carrying the brands of American Express, Diners Club/Discover, JCB, Mastercard, UnionPay, and Visa combined generated 440.99 billion purchase transactions for goods and services in 2019, an increase of...


Purchase volume for goods and services for cards carrying the American Express, Diners Club/Discover, JCB, Mastercard, UnionPay and Visa brands generated $29.780 trillion in 2019, an increase of 8.3%.