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“We always get a very useful overview of the hottest topics and leading trends in the worldwide financial card and payment market from The Nilson Report. The market data is very instrumental for our strategic planning.”
Friedbert Bayer, Atlantic Zeiser

“The Nilson Report has been always very informative and the content is in line with the business space we operate in. Attra congratulates The Nilson Report for this milestone 1000th issue and wish you more success in the future and continue to serve the banking and financial industry with your research reports.”
Ravikumar Kancharana, Attra

“For us it’s a valuable tool for measuring the business. Especially in relation to Management Information Systems and Reporting. I really believe The Nilson Report is an example to follow on.”
José L. Scorza, Bancard

“I have been getting The Nilson Report, for over eight years, during which it has helped me greatly to develop my strategies in Banco Nacional of Costa Rica. It has kept me updated of the latest in electronic payment industry. I recommend it to anyone, definitely.”
Jorge Bonilla Lorenzo, Banco Nacional de Costa Rica

“The Nilson Report has been a reliable source of news and information for the payments industry. I continue to find something new or insightful in each and every publication.”
Matt Fields, Barclaycard

“Congratulations to The Nilson Report for achieving this significant milestone. I have been a reader since the late 1980s, but The Nilson Report has consistently been the most reliable source of industry news and data.”
Brian Summerhayes, Barnes International Limited

“Congratulations to The Nilson Report celebrating its 1,000 issue. This leading magazine gives the reader very valuable information on what’s going on in the banking sector at a glance.”
Erik Wellen, Bell ID

“The Nilson Report is the gold standard of payments data in a big data world. It offers an accurate and indispensable view of the global payments landscape.”
Ryan Gilbert, BillFloat

“I have been ‘tasting’ The Nilson Report for more than 25 years (in my 31 year career as consultant and executive) and it has been my precious companion on card business intelligence source. And now we have a 1000+ reasons to celebrate!”
Boanerges Ramos Freire, Boanerges and Cia Consultoria em Varejo Financeiro

“Without a doubt, The Nilson Report is the authority on the payments industry worldwide. The information and data is so razor sharp we have no hesitation in using it as a standard for any business case analysis.”
Marcus Dagenais, Caledon Card Services

“Correct and complete information is key in the development of innovative products, new businesses and offers. For Atos Worldline, The Nilson Report is an important source of business intelligence and helps us to develop our strategy.”
Hugo Tembuyser, Atos Worldline

“A good information source is basic to develop new products, The Nilson Report helps us to improve our payment products.”
Albert Figueras Moreno, Banc Sabadell

“The Nilson Report is the clear market leader in the payments space and provides some of the most useful, objective analysis. The information we get from The Nilson Report helps us assess our investments and evaluate new market opportunities. It is an invaluable resource.”
Sanj Goyle, BancBox

“The Nilson Report has been my most trusted and primary source for information about the Acquiring Industry for almost 10 years. The clear and concise format provides me with a wealth of insight and statistics that I need to keep on top of industry trends and intelligence.”
Pete Biolsi, Bank of America Merchant Services

“I find the information invaluable in providing insight into payment trends and activities around the globe. Congratulations on your first 1000 editions.”
Valerie Soranno Keating, Barclaycard

“The payments market is an exciting place to be. With many technical developments taking place, particularly in the US where migration to EMV is imminent, the industry has a lot to say. The Nilson Report does a great job of capturing the current state of play in the US and the global payments sector, providing interesting and relevant articles and news stories to industry participants. As a technology enabler of smart token-based payment solutions for financial institutions and mobile network operators globally, The Nilson Report is ideally positioned for us to reach one of our key target markets, as well as providing us with a reliable source of information.”
David Orme, Bell ID

“The Nilson Report is one reference that we depend on a lot to ground our market assumptions with real numbers. And the Fast Facts is one easy way to stay on top of market developments. Congratulations to David and his team on achieving this significant milestone.”
Murali Subbarao, Billeo, Inc.

“Turkish Payment Industry has made significant progress as being one of the pioneers and most innovative markets of the world in the last 20 years. The Nilson Report, the well known resource of payments industry, had an important contribution to this progress through its news & reports, as well as its reporting on the developments in the Turkish Payment Industry.”
Soner Canko, BKM Turkey

“The Nilson Report is a top publication within the payment systems industry, always providing accurate and reliable information and giving full coverage on key topics and state-of-the-art products. Highly recommended!”
Joan Morlà, Caixabank

“The Nilson Report is the best source of hard data and facts in the payment industry.”
Harold Montgomery, Calpian, Inc.

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