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“The Nilson Report is by far the most authoritative source for key payments industry metrics. When our clients see that we are sourcing The Nilson Report data in our analysis they understand that our core assumptions are sound. We also look to The Nilson Report to give us the inside track on significant industry developments.”
Tommy Marshall, Capco

“The Nilson Report was the best resource in the industry when we started using it in 1994, and it is still the best resource in the industry today.”
Daina Di Veto, Card Resource Group

“One aspect of The Nilson Report that I believe has made it what it is in the industry is that every story includes the names and contact information of the article’s source.”
Biff Matthews, Cardware International

“For as long as I can remember, I have relied on The Nilson Report’s superb industry research and market information. It has been an invaluable resource to me and my colleagues in providing information we need to grow our business, as well as serving our customers. I will continue to look to The Nilson Report for trusted information.”
Al Botta, CashZone

“As a company that now enjoys of Global reach, we count on The Nilson Report as a mission-critical part of our macro and micro analysis of the different markets, as well as of the possible partners of interest within each region. The depth of information in different parts of the world in where data is not as publicly available as what we enjoy of within the US market, has made the publication a vital component of our “travel-notebook” wherever we go, be it as, exhibitors, speakers, or sponsors of our industry Everywhere and Anywhere around the World – CHARGE Anywhere… Keep up the Great Work at keeping us all informed…Thank You The Nilson Report.”
Oscar Muñoz Narváez, CHARGE Anywhere

“The Nilson Reports are an outstanding source of information for Cards & Payments industry professionals. The reports are universal source of data for industry volumes, spend, growth projections for full spectrum of payment methods - be it cash, checks, debit, credit or prepaid cards. The reporting on various technology platforms, players current and emerging is also very insightful.”
Sridhar Chityala, Chityala Associates

“The Nilson Report is one of our top sources for data about the payments industry.”
Dan Geraty, Clearent

“In a world bombarded with information overload, The Nilson Report stands head & shoulders above all the rest as THE SOURCE for information on consumer payments & systems. When you need to know what’s happening today or more importantly, tomorrow, there is nowhere else you should turn to get that jumpstart on your competition. They’ve helped our business tremendously to stay ahead of the curve & has allowed us to serve our client’s needs to the fullest.”
Scott Tivey, CNP Solutions

“The Nilson Report consistently provides valuable information and insight into a variety of topics within the payment systems environment – it is a credible voice within the industry.”
Mike Fromant, Contis Group

“The Nilson Report is a great source of market intelligence and informed market research providing insight into the size of the card market.”
Nick Cahn, CPI Europe

“Thank you for being such a reliable source, serving us as a faithful companion on our way through the increasing complexity in the world of payments. Looking forward to the 2,000th issue.”
Heimo Hackel, Card Complete Service Bank

“The Nilson Report publishes the most succinct, relevant and knowledge-packed content that you can find. It is an invaluable resource in a continuously changing industry.”
George Drimiotis, Cardlink

“The Nilson Report’s database on the key companies in the payment industry is unique, factual, thorough, and unbiased- it’s the only publication I read on the payment industry that I couldn’t live without.”
Marc Caltabiano, Cartera Commerce

“Globalization brings about a barrage of data – The Nilson Report always offers us the right figures, facts and news in the field of electronic transaction processing solutions. At CCV The Nilson Report is a Must-Read.”
Reinhard R. Blum, CCV Deutschland GmbH

“The Nilson Report has been a consistent source of comprehensive market insight for me and my colleagues at Chase Paymentech. The profiles of new innovations in our industry and concise summaries of payment trends around the world continue to be a valuable read. We look forward to the next 1000 issues.”
Mike Duffy, Chase Paymentech

“The Nilson Report is the most reliable media and data content provider for the card payment industry. Congrats for the 1,000th issue.”
Paulo Guzzo, Cielo

“Over the years, I have come to depend on The Nilson Report for timely news, views, and informative data compilations. Our industry has been well-served by The Nilson Report, and my hope is that it will continue to be for the next 40 years as well.”
Vytas Kisielius, CMC, Inc.

“The Nilson Report has been an important publication for the global payment transactions market for many years. The exclusive statistics it provides help us to identify trends in the sector quickly and easily and thus to offer our clients tailored solutions for smooth and future-viable cashless payment settlement. We congratulate the Nilson Report on its 1000th edition!”
Manfred Krüger, ConCardis GmbH

“The Nilson Report is one of our valued sources for card industry information and data enabling us to keep right up to date with key market statistics as well as trends and developments in the payments market.”
Steve Montross, CPI Card Group

“The Nilson Report is the gold standard for global payments industry statistics, news and information. The breadth, depth and quality of their coverage is without peer. Every issue is an indispensable resource for anyone seeking a comprehensive view of the domestic and international payment systems landscape.”
Ben Woolsey, CreditCards.com

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