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“Our companies, try to grow strong and safe, every time. One of the reasons is THE NILSON REPORT.”
Gustavo Trenche, Raberil Trading

“We’ve held our subscription to The Nilson Report for 17 years. The publication is well written, fact-based and concise. It is a valuable resource to our business. Congratulations on your 1000th issue.”
Riad Shalaby, Reunion Group

“The Nilson Report is an established leader in payment industry information and research, that is why we at SafetyPay feel privileged and honored to have been featured and mentioned a number of times in this reliable source of information.”
Manuel Montero, SafetyPay

“The Nilson Report has been delivering thought-provoking news and research on payment systems for over four decades.”
Niklaus Santschi, SIX Payment Services

“The Nilson Report is one of the most reputable and informative source of news in the payment industry for over 30 years. Congratulation on publishing the 1000th issue and keep up the good work!!”
Bango Ning, SPECTRA Technologies

“The Nilson Report is quite simply THE authoritative place for payment stats of just about every kind. When I started tracking this space back at a daily newspaper around 1987, my editor told me, ‘On any payments story, start with The Nilson Report and move from there.’ Over the years, I have given that same advice to countless reporters and it’s even more true today than it was then.”
Evan Schuman, StorefrontBacktalk.com

“The Nilson Report, my go-to source of accurate credit card industry information for over 20 years. David, great work and a class act!”
OB Rawls IV, TASQ Technology

“The Nilson Report is a staple for anyone charged with leadership in the payments community. I look forward to seeing how the superior staff tackles the next 40 years, as the decades ahead will undoubtedly present great opportunity to showcase quality reporting!”
Shazia Manus, The Members Group

“I believe that all card business executives are truly appreciating the useful, fact based and up-to-date industry specific information provided by The Nilson Report. Thank you for your hard work and wish you to celebrate the 2000th issue with the same success.”
Maris Ozolins, Tieto, Financial Services

“For the past 20 years I have relied on The Nilson Report as one of the premier information sources in the payment card industry. I have been an avid reader and have gained insights that have helped me throughout my career.”
Joe Kaplan, Total Merchant Services

“For over 15 years, we have relied on the consolidated information provided by the analyst team at The Nilson Report to help shape strategies for the payments and card industry. Their consistent, professional and high quality approach sets them far apart from others in the field and has earned them the position of market leader. I highly recommend The Nilson Report to any executive looking to keep their finger on the pulse of the global payments and card industries.”
Kevin J. Sprake, Retail Decisions, Inc. - RED Worldwide

“The report has been an invaluable resource to me over the years and now with your enhanced website, the value proposition has become even greater.”
Ken Paull, ROAM Data

“…And we thought we had been around a long time! The Nilson Report has always been a respected card industry institution which we all look to as the authority on global numbers.”
Rod Nixon, Savantor International

“As father of the magnetic striped card, I have always looked to The Nilson Report as the best source of information about card usage, card marketing, card production and card based events. They continue to offer the best industry reporting coupled with outstanding graphics and progress reports.”
Jerome Svigals, Smart Card Institute

“The Nilson Report consistently publishes reliable, relevant, and useful information. It is an indispensable business tool in our industry.”
Brian Tuite, SquareTwo Financial

“The Nilson Report is a respected and valued payments industry resource. We look to your news and research as we consider the ever-changing intersection between our mobile marketing products and consumer payment systems. Congratulations on your 1,000th issue. We look forward to many more reports ahead.”
Chas Ramer, Street Savings

“The Nilson Report has been an invaluable resource of market intelligence for us. The data compiled is current, relevant and clearly helps readers predict market trends. The subscription has been well worth the investment and I’d recommend it to anyone operating in or supporting the mobile payments space.”
Mark Reiken, Text2Pay

“Congratulations David on your 1,000th issue. For over 40 years The Nilson Report has been the go to resource for news, data and research on the payments industry. Keep those issues coming.”
Gerritt Kerkstra, The Strawhecker Group

“I’ve been reading The Nilson Report forever. Not since 1970, but for a long time. It’s a valued resource and congratulations on #1,000.”
Jeff Broudy, Total Merchant Services

“Throughout my career in the payments industry, I have relied on The Nilson Report’s unbiased, intelligent news and research. It has been an invaluable resource to me and my colleagues in providing information we need to grow our company and serve our customers.”
Marla Knutson, TransFirst

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