Nov 29, 2022 / Fortune

What are credit card surcharges and where are they legal?
"According to November data from the Nilson Report, consumer and commercial credit, debit, and prepaid general-purpose cards generated $9.7 trillion in transactions in 2021: a 22.5% increase over the previous year."


Oct 19, 2022 / Insider Intelligence

FTC reportedly expands debit card routing probe to consider Mastercard and Visa tokenization
"The rule was designed to create card network competition: Visa and Mastercard accounted for more than half (63%) of global card network volume last year, per the Nilson Report."


Oct 18, 2022 / The National Law Review

Analysis of CFPB Developments Regarding the BNPL Industry
"BNPL providers cover the costs of these programs and make their money through merchant discounts. Just like credit card companies (that can charge up a 3.5% discount to a merchant—from Nilson Report data), BNPL providers send funds to merchants in an amount less than the “cash price” listed on the merchant’s website."