VGS Payment Tokenization

When a merchant tokenizes sensitive data, the financial risk associated with a data breach is significantly reduced.

Trustly Partners with Socure

Trustly has fpartnered with digital identity verification specialist Socure to enhance its capability to provide KYC and AML compliance.

Refunds-as-a-Service from TodayPay

When a consumer goes online to download a shipping label for a return, TodayPay suggests an instant refund if those funds are placed in a TodayPay wallet.

OpenWallet Foundation and EMVCo Alliance

Among the applications the companies might pursue for OWF digital wallets include secure remote commerce, payment tokens to protect primary account numbers and 3-D Secure.

NFC Payment Cards for Two-Factor Authentication

Arculus Authenticate, from CompoSecure, is comprised of an applet, software development kit (SDK) and a back-end authentication server. It works with NFC-enabled metal and plastic cards certified by the global networks.

The Threat from Quantum Computing

Quantum computer models leverage the principles of quantum mechanics—the physics concerned with the behavior of subatomic particles.