Evolve B&T Data Breach

Among more than 150 clients and partners of Evolve are Affirm, Airwallex, Bond (a unit of FIS), i2c, Lithic, Marqeta, Melio, Mercury, Paystand, Stripe, TabaPay and Wise. Evolve is a principal member of Visa and Mastercard.

Accertify Separates from American Express

Last year, Accertify handled 7.60 billion events on its platform. The vast majority were card payments, but fraud protection also covers money transfers and redemption of loyalty points.

Telecom Data for Fraud Fighting from Iconectiv

Iconectiv maintains routing data on phones in more than 100 countries and can be used by businesses in those markets or when entering a new market. The company also provides clients with the information they need to comply with telecom regulations in all markets.

Quantum-Safe Cryptography Group in Asia

The working group is focused on maintaining the integrity of payment systems in a post-quantum world, including governance and security matters that will be impacted by the intersection of AI, quantum computing and real-time settlement.

Mastercard’s Scam Protect

Scam Protect’s machine learning and AI are used to identify the signals of a victim who is being defrauded using device intelligence and behavioral biometrics. Those signals could include hesitation while typing on a website or in an app— sometimes because the victim is being coached over the phone by a criminal.

VGS Payment Tokenization

When a merchant tokenizes sensitive data, the financial risk associated with a data breach is significantly reduced.