What Subscribers are Saying

Jan-Olof Brunila
, Director of Interbank Payments Strategy
, Swedbank AB

The Nilson Report provides us with valuable industry trends through keynote articles and news on recent tech discoveries. It also provides us with global developments through statistical deep-dives, all without swamping us with advertising.

Dylan Prins
, Communications Manager
, Worldline

The Nilson Report is the pulse of the payments industry. A must read.

Jacques Soussana
, General Secretary
, Nexo Standards

The Nilson Report is one of the most reliable sources of payments industry research available. Its data-driven approach offers an engaging overview of how financial institutions are operating, as well as the latest innovations and key trends across the entire payments ecosystem. Nexo standards relies on this knowledge to facilitate innovation and collaboration.

Shadi Haddad
, Founder and CEO
, Till Payments

The Nilson Report has proven to be a valuable tool for helping Till Payments assess product/market fit as we look to expand our footprint. We count on the validity of news and analysis when we are making our investment decisions.

Jan-Pieter Lips
, Head of Unified Commerce

Nilson Report has a unique and independent set-up. I’ve seen this firsthand when they interviewed me. They take their time to get the facts straight and they wrote an article that was completely objective, an article the reader can trust.

The Nilson Report allows us to analyse data relevancy and gather insights on a global scale, instead of the traditional focus on local trends.
Henry Nanne
- Inteligencia Comercial Tilo dba Tilopay
We greatly value the accuracy and reach of The Nilson Report. As a payment-solutions provider, we rely heavily on the information and industry news it provides. Moreover, there is no greater or more respected industry acknowledgement of a company's achievements in the card and mobile payment space.
AJ Cross
- Head of Administration
- Merchant Lynx Services
The Nison Report is an essential resouce in the payment industry – providing relevant data and independant insight without sponsorship of any kind.
Martina King
- Featurespace
The Nilson Report is a great way to stay informed on the latest players and trends driving the payments industry.
Jairo Riveros
- Managing Director Americas
- Paysend
I have been reading the Nilson Report for 30 years and depend on it for high-quality timely information. I wouldn’t be without it!
Harold Montgomery
- Managing Director
- Wirex USA
The #1 for the finrech and payments industry. We value the relevant insights and up-to-date news
Sarah Sophie Koch
- Director of Marketing & Communications
- AEVI International GmbH

As a researcher in the payments space, I have come to depend upon the Nilson Report's independent and comprehensive reporting and data. It's really one of a kind.

William Maurer
- Professor, Institute for Money, Technology & Financial Inclusion
- University of California, Irvine
The Nilson report gives us great insights on our industry, and helps us to make accurate analysis and market assessments
Mathias Gustafsson/Michel Roig
- President Payment & Access
- Fingerprints
The Nilson Report is our go-to source for reliable information and insight.
Rowan Brewer
- Chief Executive Officer
- Paymentology
The Nilson Report provides our organization with up-to-date and reliable information that we can use to better understand our members and industry
Riaz Ladha
- Payments Strategy
- Electronic Transactions Association ETA
The Nilson Report is a reliable source for news and statistics on the payments industry, providing great insight into the status quo and future trends. Their invaluable information has powered our decisions.
Cynthia (Yaxue) Wang
- Senior Marketing Director
- Beijing Wiseasy Technology Co., Ltd.
I frequently use the Nilson Report’s reliable market insights in my daily work. This is particularly valid for superb rankings of players by market segments and geography.
Domagoj Mandaric
- COO, Management Board
- Vestigo - Card & Account Payments Solutions
The Nilson Report is one of the sane places we go to get crisp and clear information. It's a precise, comprehensive and concise bulletin that we refer to for payment industry updates.
Rahul Mutha
- Aurus
Based on the data that it collects, the Nilson Report provides a unique and valuable perspective of the payments ecosystem at a reginal and global level.
Mark Bunney
- Director Go To Market Strategy
- Ingenico Group North America

As a European trade association, we value coverage of both the global and US markets. Their detailed financial statistics are based on decades of valuable market knowledge.

Nicolas Adolph
- Chairman
- European Assoc. of Paymnet Service Providers for Merchants / EPSM E.V.
The Nilson report is an invaluable source of well-researched and documented information covering the online payments sector. This is my 25th year in the payments industry, and the Nilson Report has been there all along.
Mr. Jens Bader
- Funanga DBA CashtoCode
The Nilson Report is a strategic asset for Minsait Payments, helping us to elevate our competitive intelligence and enabling us to navigate the uncertainty and complexity of the payments industry.
Jose Alberto Alves Martinez on behalf of Miguel Angel Prieto Morales
- Director Soluciones Medios de Pago
- Minsait Payments Systems SL
As a professional researcher, I have been using the Nilson Report for many years as a go-to place for payments data and trends.
Sharon Lidington
- Lead, Research & Data Services
- Bain & Company, Inc.
The Nilson Report has been a great help to us. Over the years it has provided tons of valuable data and analysis which helped a lot on decision making. As a POS manufacturer, we always need the latest trends involving acquirers, PSPs and merchants. The Nilson Report covers almost all of our needs in this regard. Their reviews are always impartial and reliable because they never accept payment for writing a positive article. I have to say it totally worth the money.
Monica Zhou
- Manager, Marketing Department
- Vanstone Electronic (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
The Nilson Report provides effective analytics of key market activities that help us navigate the timing and execution of marketing investments, not just in North America but globally.
Vivian Shen
- Global Head of Marketing
- Amadis
With well-organized data and diagrams, the Nilson Report is efficiently helpful when it comes to uderstanding the global payment industry and the latest trends. It is also a trusted reference for planning new projects. The payment industry changes, but the value of insights from this publication remains unchanged.
Yihan Lu
- Specialist
- National Credit Card Center, R.O.C.
The most comprehensive and unbiased reporting on the payment Industry. The Nilson Report is essential for anyone in payments who needs to keep tabs on the pulse of this ecosystem.
Devarajan Puthupparambil on behalf of President Krishna Viswanadham
- VP, Products & Operations
- NewNet Secure Payment Transactions
We value the Nilson Report for its commitment to accuracy, integrity, and impartiality. Nilson is a key resource for research and supplement data analysis, helping us examine critical events within the ever-changing payments landscape.
Lauren Dutton
- Manager Growth Strategy
- Deep Labs
A credible and insightful industry news source, providing expertise analysis from its writer.
Sabine Leferink
- General Manager Worldwide Network
- Dun & Bradstreet
As the leader of a fintech that competes in multiple sectors, I need to keep abreast of both emerging technologies and key shifts in market dynamics. Reading the Nilson Report is critical to my ability to keep abreast of what’s happening across the payments industry.
Jana Schmidt
- President, Global Payments Solutions
- Quisitive Technology Solutions
The Nilson report has proven over the years to be the most reliable source of industry insights and analysis.
Alex Osei-Danso
- Group Manager, Cards
- Ecobank, The Pan African Bank
The Nilson Report is a genuine and reputable source of news, insight, and analysis on the global payments industry. I’ve been a reader for many years.
Daniel Kornitzer
- Chief Business Development Officer
- Paysafe Services (Canada)
Thanks to Nilson, we are able to gain good intuition on the global credit card industry
Minjung Kim
- Senior Research
- The Credit Finance Research Institute
The Nilson Report is where industry veterans go for the most important news concerning payments trends.
Omar Qari
- Head of Corporate Strategy & Business Development
- Emburse
We work with a lot of payment and fintech companies, and the one publication we always strive to get coverage in is The Nilson Report. It’s influential, highly regarded and the one media outlet whose content moves the needle.
Paul Wilke
- Upright Position Communications
I find the Nilson Report to be highly valuable because they distill the the most important developments in partnerships, innovations, M&As, statistics and trends worldwide. Their analysis cuts the clutter and efficiently delivers high-quality condensed info across the entire value chain of payments, allowing me to stay abreast with the latest information in the payments space.
Vivek Dwivedi
- Head of Payments Practice
- Infosys Limited
Over the years the Nilson Report has been a very valuable resource.The insights and reliable data accessible it provides have been critical in guiding our journey.
Anette Trulsson Corda
- SVP, Marketing and Communications
- IDEX Biometrics ASA
As a reader of the Nilson Report, I find it provides a global outlook and inspiration. It is our only source of information on competitors worlwide, especially when it comes to the European and Russian acquiring and card market.
Dmitry Rumyanskiy
- Executive Director, FP&A Manager
- Sberbank

I have been reading the Nilson Report for several decades now, and consider it indispensable for anyone in the payments industry. I also admire its utterly unique approach to journalism: clear, concise, accurate information and insights that are free of advertising and tendentious sourcing. We could use more of this!

Hans Morris
- Managing Partner
- NYCA Partners
The Nilson Report is an excellent resource for payments-ndustry news, information and statistics. I’ve been a subscriber for years and find the information invaluable.
Lisa Kenney
- Chief Operating Officer, SVP
- Merrick Bank
The financial services sector continuously changes, and the Nilson Report is a reliable source for keeping me current. Our exchanges over the years about chat commerce have been informative and insightful.
Pieter de Villiers
- Clickatell
The Nilson Report is a great source for industry news and for insights on how innovation will affect the market.
Dan Battista
- Factor4
I was asked to contribute to an article that the Nilson Report was doing on M&A valuations in the fintech space. The writer I spoke to was prepared, professional and insightful. It was an honor to be asked to participate, and we had a rewarding discussion.
Lance McCord
- Senior Vice President of Mergers & Acquisitions
- Mapp Advisors
I have been a subscriber of the Nilson report for over 10 years and find it to be a high-quality publication providing insights on banking environments, processors and new technologies worldwide. All this delivered in a concise way with stunning visuals. The annual listing of the top 50 of banks in various regions is by far its most anticipated and most discussed feature.
Markos Goulielmos
- Senior Officer, Credit & Debit Cards
- Piraeus Bank

The Nilson Report is the gold standard on merchant acquiring. My teams and I frequently reference to get a clear view on where we stand, and which of our competitors is gaining or losing share in the market. The resource is invaluable!

Jim Johnson
- Executive VP, Head of Merchant Solutions
- Worldpay from FIS
The Nilson Report is always my reference when it comes to payment cards. They are track all the information that’s relevant for the industry, and their data and rankings constitute an extremely valuable resource for analyzing every player in the secure-transactions industry.
Thiery Spanjaard
- Smart Insights Chief Editor
- Intelling

The payment industry is going through a digital transformation and innovating in many ways. In these times, it is critical to have great data and insights. That is why we at Microsoft are so thankful to have the Nilson Report and cannot wait for the next edition.

Donald Kossman
- General Manager, Fraud Protection
The Nilson Report is not only the standard for measuring growth and market share for card manufacturers, issuers and payment schemes, it also provides insights and articles that are extremely valuable for people in this industry.
Arturo Salgado Rojas
- Plant Manager
- Thomas Greg & Sons de Mexico
Not only is the Nilson Report a great source of information for smart decision making, it’s also does an excellent of integrating all the card-market players.
Ike Vander Horst
- Litho Formas / TGS Card Solutions
- Thomas Greg & Sons
Over the years, I have come to depend on the Nilson Report as a great source of information for timely news, insights, and information on dynamics within the payment industry. It offers insights on the latest trends, and covers the full spectrum of payment methods with statistics on volume, spending, and growth.
Randa Bdeir
- Deputy General Manager | Head of E-Payment Solutions & Cards Technology
- Credit Libanais S.A.L.

Each new issue of the Nilson Report is eagerly awaited since it always contains genuinely useful data. Whether it's stats on payments and processing or industry news, it's authoritative, timely and comprehensive.

Peter Alcock
- Head of Product Marketing
The Nilson Report remains one of the time-tested reports in the payments industry, able to presents the latest developments in entirety without any fluff.
PJ Gupta
- Founder and CEO
- Checkbook
The information provided by this publication gives us a competitive advantage in the financial market. It also facilitates healthy competition, and provides an understanding of consumer behavior and trends.
Jhibran Padilla
- Engineer
- Promocion Y Operacion (Prosa)
The Nilson Report reveals the big picture of the upstream and downstream in global paymens. It helps us understand our customers, and acts as an industry barometer.
Sun Tong
- Nexgo Global Ltd.
For our company, the Nilson Report is more than an accurate source of statistics. It’s for benchmarking our performance, and an inspiration to be more competitive.
Ramzi Mohammed
- Clearing and Settlement Officer
- Centre Monetique Interbancaire

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