US Credit, Debit and Prepaid Data Projected

Credit card purchase volume of $5.760 trillion (up 18.8%) equaled 52.52% of the total compared with 49.62% in 2021. Purchase volume on debit and prepaid cards reached $5.207 trillion, up 5.7%.

Fed Targets Debit Card Fees

Of the 50 largest debit card issuers in the US (see issue #1240), only 3—the Bancorp Bank, which ranks 6th largest, Pathward Financial, which ranks 16th largest, and Green Dot Bank, which ranks 20th largest, have less than $10 billion in assets. The three focus on prepaid cards. Of those debit card issuers ranked 51st to 100th largest (see issue #1245), 32 have fewer than $10 billion in assets.

Mercedes Partners with Mastercard for Tokenized Onboard Payments

Mastercard believes it has some first mover advantage in automobile payments for two reasons. One is because there are so many technical and regulatory hurdles that come with an in-car payment network. The other is because the lead times for new car launches are often as long as five years.

Experian Digital Debit Card

There are 261 million Americans aged 18 and over, of which 100 million, more than 38%, either have no files at credit bureaus or are challenged by subprime credit scores.