Superlogic’s Blockchain Loyalty SaaS

Superlogic’s software can be used by card issuers, airlines, hotels, restaurants, retailers and others to make managing their loyalty programs more efficient.

POS Device Manufacturers

Of the 14.7 million devices shown here that were shipped in 2022, 75.19% were QR code terminals, 12.80% were PIN pads, 6.44% were ECRs…

POS Terminals Shipped Worldwide

Point-of-sale terminal shipments worldwide reached 148.3 million in 2022, up 4.5% over 2021. POS terminals counted include countertop, multilane, tablet and handheld devices with integrated chip and/or magnetic stripe card readers, unattended devices, terminals that can read QR codes and also accept cards and those that can read a biometric identifier and then facilitate a […]

BMO Virtual Corporate Cards

The virtual card gives cardholders the opportunity to make purchases in a store, taxi or other physical location by using mobile wallets on their business or personal phone, either Apple or Android.