The Threat from Quantum Computing

Quantum computer models leverage the principles of quantum mechanics—the physics concerned with the behavior of subatomic particles.

Vesta Fraud Fighting Platform

When a merchant uses Vesta’s cloud-based Payment Guarantee service and experiences a chargeback, Vesta covers 100% of the transaction amount as well as any associated fees.

Worldwide Card Acceptance Locations for Global Brands

Most micro merchants are counted along with other small merchants that are aggregated together by payment facilitators (payfacs) that serve these customers, accounting for an estimated 30 million acceptance locations worldwide.

Card Fraud Losses Worldwide

Gross card fraud is expressed in basis points (cents) per $100 in total volume. In 2022, it was 6.81¢ per $100 in total volume worldwide. The prior year, the figure was 6.61¢ per $100.