Quantum-Safe Cryptography Group in Asia

The working group is focused on maintaining the integrity of payment systems in a post-quantum world, including governance and security matters that will be impacted by the intersection of AI, quantum computing and real-time settlement.

PPro Provides Access to Local Payment Methods

For nonlocal sellers in Latin America, PPro facilitates financial settlement and handles all local tax and other regulatory requirements using a single platform accessible via a single API, and typically requiring only a single contract.

Mastercard’s Scam Protect

Scam Protect’s machine learning and AI are used to identify the signals of a victim who is being defrauded using device intelligence and behavioral biometrics. Those signals could include hesitation while typing on a website or in an app— sometimes because the victim is being coached over the phone by a criminal.

US Issuers of Commercial Debit and Credit Cards

JPMorgan Chase was the largest commercial card issuer for all products combined in 2023 (as it was in 2022). Its market share of the issuers shown was 18.07%, down from 18.22%. Its corporate card volume increased 14.8% to $5.36 billion.

Clover Kiosk from Fiserv

The self-service Clover Kiosk can be mounted on a wall, rest on a countertop or placed on a floor.