B2B Processing from Adflex

Adflex STP 3.0 enables virtual card payments and invoice information to be sent via an API call or a secure email directly from the enterprise resource planning system of the buyer.

Biometric Checkout from NEC and Mastercard

More than 1,000 active deployments in over 70 countries use NEC facial recognition technology, including police departments, immigration control agencies, national ID systems, banks and stadiums.

Credit Union Service Organizations Merge

PSCU and Co-op Solutions will begin integrating their operations in 2024 to create a single set of products and services. That process will take up to 24 months.

Visa Direct for Used Cars

In the US, around 35 million used cars are purchased by dealers annually. Of those purchases, Carment estimates 2 million would benefit from an instant payout.

Marqeta BNPL Partnerships

The ability to provide virtual card payments for BNPL transactions has opened a new opportunity for card account processors. Increasingly, online and in-store retailers feel compelled to provide their customers with real-time credit decisioning so they can deliver instant approval for a BNPL transaction at the time of purchase, even when they’ve had no prior relationship with the consumer.