Top US Merchant Acquirers—2023

The seven largest merchant acquirers in the United States processed 141.13 billion total transactions in 2023, an increase of 3.9% over 2022.

Canada—Networks and Issuers

The general purpose brand cards issued in Canada generated 16.83 billion transactions last year for purchases of goods and services, up 9.1% from 2022.

Card Fraud Worldwide

Global brand, domestic-market-only, private label and ATM card fraud reached $33.45 billion in 2022 from $49.149 trillion in total (purchase and cash) volume.

Top Debit Card Issuers Worldwide

The 8 largest issuers accounted for 52.9% of purchase volume among the top 150. Spending for goods and services initiated by the 8 largest issuers of debit cards combined reached $5.935 trillion in 2022.

US Credit, Debit and Prepaid Data Projected through 2027

Consumer and commercial credit, debit and prepaid general purpose and private label cards generated $10.967 trillion in purchase volume for goods and services in 2022, up 12.2% from 2021. Purchase volume is projected to total $15.035 trillion in 2027.