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October 2–4, 2024

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Le Méridien in Dania Beach, Florida

Fin+AI 2024

Redefining Financial Intelligence at the Intersection of Fintech & AI

Fin+AI 2024 isn’t your average conference. It’s a nexus event for visionary financial executives seeking a paradigm shift. Here, you’ll join a trailblazing community to unlock the exponential potential where Fintech and Artificial Intelligence collide.

Exclusive Insights from Industry Titans:

• Keynote by Chris Skinner, “The Finanser”: Gain unparalleled foresight from Chris Skinner, author of the highly anticipated book, “Intelligent Money: When Money Thinks for You.” Network with Chris and get your copy signed at the exclusive U.S. release party during Fin+AI 2024.

• Unveiling the Future with IBM: Don’t miss Paolo Sironi, Head of Global Research in Banking at IBM, as he unveils the groundbreaking findings from IBM’s 2024 Global Outlook for Banking and Financial Markets. Discover the transformative power of generative AI use cases shaping the future of finance.

Unparalleled Networking & Strategic Connections:

• Forge invaluable connections with industry leaders, innovative entrepreneurs, and pioneering AI researchers.

• Shape the future of finance through collaborative discussions in our casual South Florida setting. Engage with the community in meeting halls, the pool area, or dedicated networking events.

Fin+AI 2024: The Definitive AI & Fintech Experience

• Go beyond the one-off AI sessions offered at other events. Fin+AI is the singular focus, designed to propel you to the forefront of this transformative convergence.

• Witness the Unbelievable: Prepare to be astounded by the possibilities unveiled at Fin+AI.

• We’re not just redefining financial intelligence; we’re rewriting the rules of the game.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn, network, and propel your vision forward. Register for Fin+AI 2024 and secure your place at the forefront of the financial revolution.

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