Fractal’s Smart Routing for Debit Transactions

Fractal, a startup based in Ohio, provides a smart routing service that SaaS platform providers can offer their merchants to identify the lowest cost debit network among Star, Nyce, Accel, Pulse and Shazam.

Worldline Consulting for Digital Merchants

Worldline supports more than 1 million merchants in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. They generate nearly 30 billion transactions annually, including transactions handled as a third-party processor. The number of digital merchants exceeds 250,000. Those businesses generate more than 2.5 billion transactions annually.

BMO Virtual Corporate Cards

The virtual card gives cardholders the opportunity to make purchases in a store, taxi or other physical location by using mobile wallets on their business or personal phone, either Apple or Android.

Global Financial Operations Platform from Jeeves

Businesses that operate in multiple countries face a challenge when handling management of expenses, accounts payable and accounts receivable in separate countries. Because data needs to be reconciled into a central enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, siloed business units make monthly reconciliation a lengthier process than if there were a single management system covering all countries.

Mastercard AR Automation

Accounts receivables teams at midsized and enterprise companies are accepting an increasing number of payments from virtual credit cards.   Mastercard’s new Mastercard Receivables Manager uses robotics process automation (RPA) to extract data contained in an email from a buyer then formats it for acceptance by the ERP (enterprise resource planning) system used by a […]

Ubiquity Contact Center BPO

Ubiquity is unusual among customer experience (CX) providers in that its business process outsourcing (BPO) is almost entirely with regulated industries. The company provides outsourced contact center services to fintechs, healthcare providers, insurers and utility companies. Customers include BM Technologies, Current and Q2.   The company employees more than 10,000 people and handles 173 million […]

Amex B2B Payments

American Express has a multiyear strategy to expand its position in business-to-business (B2B) payments through new products and capabilities as well as through acquisitions and partnerships. Its Sync Commercial Card Partner Program is the latest component in its strategy.   Sync will provide software developers and fintechs that serve US-based customers with a suite of […]