Thredd Card Management Opens in the US

Thredd’s ambition is to be a global provider of payment processing services. In the US, the company expects many of its initial customers will be existing clients from outside the US.

Advent Wants Nuvei

Nuvei processed more than $200.00 billion in payments (up nearly 59%) and generated $1.19 billion in revenue (up 41%) in 2023.

Zil Money AR/AP Processing

Zil Money can receive payments from any merchant acquirer or PayPal as well as create an online link to the payor or issue a paper invoice.

Largest Merchant Acquirers in the US

The five largest merchant acquirers based on combined global brand and domestic-only card purchase transactions were Fiserv, JPMorgan Payments, Worldpay , Global Payments and Wells Fargo.

Ingenico and Cybersource

Ingenico, best known for its POS terminals, has formed a global partnership with Cybersource, beginning with a rollout in

Brazil’s CloudWalk to the US

For sales from a merchant’s website, consumers receive an invoice via email. When they remit payment details by return email, merchants ship the goods.