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Anodot Big Data Business Incident Detection

Analyzing millions of metrics within massive amounts of streaming data to detect anomalous incidents that can provide business intelligence is the specialty of Anodot. What separates Anodot from other companies that also use machine learning is that its system operates in real time and is fully automated. Nothing is supervised. There is no need for dashboards or for reports to be created and managed by teams of a client’s employees. In addition, Anodot also identifies for clients anomalies they did not know to ask for. Clients send 100% of their data through an application programming int...

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June 2016
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Investments & Acquisitions – May 2016

U.S. General Purpose Cards 1Q 2016 vs. 1Q 2015

Purchase Transactions on Cards Issued in Europe

Year-Over-Year Growth/Decline in Purchase Volume on Cards Issued in Europe

Europe General Purpose Cards 2015 vs. 2014

U.S. Credit Card Debt 1985 – 2015

Second 50 Largest Debit Card Issuers in the U.S. 2015