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Ellipse Dynamic CVV Module

The EVC All-in-One module from Ellipse provides a display screen and microcontroller that can be integrated into the existing card manufacturing process to provide dynamic security code numbers that better protect against ecommerce fraud, including false declines. No battery is required. Putting the card in proximity to a POS terminal, ATM or mobile phone generates sufficient power to trigger a new three-digit code. EMV card-present transaction data is used to generate the code. Card issuers and their account processors don’t need to make any changes to the existing authorization proce...

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January 2023
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Global Network Payment Card Transactions Projected Worldwide

Market Shares of Purchase Transactions in 2022 by Region

Purchase Transactions Worldwide Global Brands–Projected through 2027

Ten-Year Growth in Global Brand Purchase Transactions–from 2012–2022

Ten Largest M&A Transactions in 2022

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