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June 2018
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Top U.S. Commercial Card Issuers

The largest commercial card issuers in the U.S. are ranked on pages 9, 10, and 11 based on purchase volume in 2017. Rankings include small business credit and debit, fleet, purchasing, prepaid, and corporate products.

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Top Issuers of Commercial Cards in the U.S. 2017

Top General Purpose Acquirers in Middle East–Africa 2017

Largest Visa/Mastercard Merchant Acquirers in Middle East–Africa 2017

U.S. Visa & Mastercard Commercial Card Issuers 2017

Top U.S. Small Business Credit Cards

Top U.S. Fleet Cards

Top U.S. Purchasing Cards

Top U.S. Small Business Debit Cards

Top U.S. Prepaid Cards

Top U.S. Corporate Cards


Top General Purpose Acquirers in Middle East–Africa 2017

The five largest payment card acquirers in the Middle East based on total transactions processed are all headquartered in Iran. All cards they processed are domestic market-only payment products.

1. Behpardakht Mellat
3.37 billion transactions
2. Asan Pardakht Persian
3.06 billion transactions
3. Saman e-Pay
2.70 billion transactions
4. Parsian E-Commerce
2.19 billion transactions
5. Iran Kish Credit Card Co.
1.68 billion transactions

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