Issue 1266

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Message from the Publisher

In this issue, we provide data on more than 300 payment card industry businesses. Our cover story features the 100 largest issuers of payment cards in the US. Another 145 businesses are tracked in our monthly listing of publicly traded companies, 44 businesses are listed in our ranking of merchant acquirers in the Middle East and Africa, and 18 in our ranking of Canadian commercial card issuers. Add to that the businesses we include in 22 First Look entries and 12 updates on digital currency developments. We are certain that no other publisher in our industry can condense this information into 18 pages.

David Robertson, Publisher
June 28, 2024



Purchase Volume on US General Purpose Cards—Credit, Debit and Prepaid, Top 25 Issuers

Top 100 Issuers of US Credit and Debit Cards—History of Spending at Merchants, Years 2017 through 2023, Credit, Debit, Prepaid

Purchase Volume at Merchants 2023, Top 100 Issuers: Total, Credit, Signature Debit, PIN Debit, Prepaid

Commercial Bank Credit Card Issuers in Canada, Visa and Mastercard

Canada Corporate Card Issuers

Canada Purchasing and Fleet Card Issuers

Canada Small Business Credit Card Issuers

Top Acquirers of Domestic Debit and Credit Card Transactions in the Middle East and Africa

Merchant Acquirers in the Middle East and Africa


Canada’s largest issuers of commercial credit card products based on Visa and Mastercard purchase volume (in USD) in 2023 are ranked on page 9 . The five largest are listed here.

  1. RBC Royal Bank
    $29.74 billion
  2. TD Bank
    $17.71 billion
  3. BMO
    $11.07 billion
  4. Scotiabank
    $10. 02 billion
  5. CIBC
    $6.15 billion

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