Clover Kiosk from Fiserv

The self-service Clover Kiosk can be mounted on a wall, rest on a countertop or placed on a floor.

Telpo P8 POS Terminals

The latest Telpo terminals belong to the P8 series. These Android-based handheld devices are designed for retail and restaurant environments.

POS Device Manufacturing from Jabil

The latest Jabil-manufactured device is a card reader for neobank Revolut that accepts \chip payments and PINs, as well as payment via QR code.

NewPOS’s 9310 Terminal

Shenzhen, China-based NewPOS shipped 8,965,372 POS terminals in 2022 and expects to ship more than 9 million units in 2023.

POS Terminals Shipped Worldwide

Point-of-sale terminal shipments worldwide reached 148.3 million in 2022, up 4.5% over 2021. POS terminals counted include countertop, multilane, tablet and handheld devices with integrated chip and/or magnetic stripe card readers, unattended devices, terminals that can read QR codes and also accept cards and those that can read a biometric identifier and then facilitate a […]

Aisino A99 by Vanstone

Vanstone’s newest device, the Aisino A99, has a 6-inch touchscreen and uses the Android 12 operating system running on a 2.0 GHz quad-core processor.