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Domestic-Only Credit and Debit Cards Worldwide

There are over 90 general purpose card brands worldwide that operate only in their native country. These cards can be debit or credit. Collectively, they generated $516.05 billion in purchase volume in 2021. Domestic-Only Credit Cards In our annual survey of domestic-market-only credit cards outside the US, we identified 46 issuers. Collectively, these domestic credit card issuers accounted for $185.68 billion in purchase volume, an increase of 14% versus 2020. The number of domestic-only credit cards in circulation at the end of 2021 was 59.2 million, up 19% over 2020. Credit cards a...

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December 2022
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Card Fraud Worldwide—2011 through 2021

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Spending on Commercial & Consumer Cards in the US

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Commercial Cards’ Share of US General Purchase Volume—2011 through 2021

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